Taking the Leap…

A little life update sharing a sentimental note about my new job and career move into residential design & home renovations.

Jumping into my Dream Job

Last year I bought this keychain in California when I was visiting my best friend of 11 years – we talk about work a lot. Like most almost 30 somethings do. We’re each others sounding boards.. good, bad, and even ugly. We’re also dreamers. We always talk about the day when we’ll have our dream jobs and what it’ll look like…. I bought this keychain as a “one day” thinking it would feel like an accomplishment to be able to have whatever keys to go on this keychain. (I also love this Fleetwood Mac song)

So long story short, and as you might already know if you’re an instagram follower, I jumped ship during the middle of a pandemic. I left the security of a 9-5 commercial interior design job. But I left because my happiness outweighed that security. I jumped right into the residential world and now I can share so much more of my everyday work life, fun projects, and the real life behind the scenes. We like to joke at the showroom now that we like to share the things that HGTV doesn’t show you… even if it’s not all that pretty. I’m excited to start sharing more here on the blog and more on instagram stories. Did you see my first IGTV of that crazy island install we did a few weeks back? It’s nerve wracking to watch, I’ll warn you.

So to get back to story time, this keychain now holds the keys to a gorgeous kitchen and bath showroom that I can’t wait to share with you. We’re working on the finishing touches but I’ll share an update here soon. Moral of the story, I’m happy to be here and happy to be doing what I love. Jumping ship wasn’t all that scary after all.

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  1. Ruth Lacasse
    July 22, 2020 / 2:39 PM

    So proud of what you have accomplished. Your killing it girl.

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