My Favorite Spiked White Claw

Sharing a little bit of a twist on your normal white claw and a fun spiked White Claw cocktail to get you through the rest of quarantine.

Spiked Rasberry Limeade White Claw

Alright, so by now I’m sure we’re all on the seltzer train. If you’re not, I suggest you hit the store and grab a 12 pack of my favorite… White Claws.  If I’m being honest, I’m a do or die White Claw fan.. no other seltzers allowed. But I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the raspberry flavor that’s included in the original variety pack. While I can usually trade my friends for their limes or grapefruits, being stuck at home I had to get creative. So naturally, I came up with a spiked raspberry limeade cocktail to enjoy those raspberry White Claws that were sitting in the back of the fridge for the past few weeks. It’s really easy to make – and raspberry lime is a classic combination I remember as a kid, so slightly nostalgic as well. I’d love to see your quarantine creations on social media, don’t forget to tag me if you try this one out this weekend.

Spiked Whiteclaw

Spiked White Claw - Recipe

Raspberry Limeade Spiked White Claw

STEP 1 –  Fill your glass with Ice

STEP 2 – 2 oz. of Vodka

STEP 3 – Pour White Claw to top, leaving room for juice (think, mimosa ratio)

STEP 4 – Top with Limeade juice, add a lime for garnish and stir

It’s that easy. White Claw, Vodka, and a mixer. Have you tried to spike a white claw with success before? Cheers!

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