Give The Gift Of A Live Plant for Mother’s Day

Even though Mother’s Day might look a little different this year, it’s time to finalize that gift… why not hop on board the quarantine train and give the gift of a live plant this year?

Mothers day gift idea - local plant delivery for mom

Mother’s Day looks a little different this year. I’m sure some of us are stuck at home and some of us can’t even go home if they wanted to. It’s a weird time right now and I’m sure mom is feeling it. All moms are feeling it, even your mom friends too. I know everyone’s been getting creative during coronavirus and I love seeing all of the gift boxes and contactless delivery to help support businesses, small and large. If you’ve seen my me on Instagram stories lately then you know I’m on a plant kick right now. You’ve also probably seen that the baking trend during quarantine has turned into people having a green thumb and planting everything from household vegetables to herb gardens and curating their own jungles at home. During my plant research, and figuring out how to do it while staying socially distant, I realized how many places are offering delivery and an idea struck me that seemed perfect for Mother’s Day. The gift of a live plant.

Now if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift local to Charlotte, I’ve got you covered with some doorstep delivery ideas. I think the hardest part is picking out what plant to get. The rest is done for you and you’re supporting a small business while sharing some love to a Mom who deserves a little hey, hi, hello, love and acknowledgement this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Local Plant Delivery Ideas

Gifting Greenery Local To Charlotte

Check out these local plant places that are offering local delivery and curbside options. Please be sure to call or check their socials for Mother’s Day announcements or delivery restrictions.

Verde Tribe | Website, Instagram

Grow CLT | Website, Instagram

Cactus Club | Website, Instagram

City Stems | Instagram

Gifting Greenery Outside Of Charlotte

If you’re looking to gift out of Charlotte there’s a few options. Depending on how much research you’re looking to do, it seems like everyone is offering delivery these days so it’s up to you to choose.

Shop Small | Do some searching! Ask family or friends or hit up google, yelp, facebook, etc. to find a cute little local small business that’s offering local deliveries right now. Support local!

Grocery Store | If you’re on InstaCart or can get a delivery service from a local grocery store, check out if they offer flowers or succulents for delivery – worth a shot, right? My succulent from Trader Joe’s lived for 4 years!

Lowe’s or Home Depot | Most home/hardware stores are also offering deliveries right now. We all know the garden centers at Lowe’s and Home Depot are stocked with plants and busier than ever too.

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