Tips For The Best At Home Backdrop For A Zoom Call

Sharing a few simple tips to get you set up for your next Zoom call, I’m sure we’ve all got them on our calendar right now.

Tips for A Zoom Call Backdrop via Emree Collective

A little fun post to get you set up for your next Zoom call for work, friends, the news? About a week or two after I flipped my pillow shop and started making masks for healthcare workers, I was asked to be on the news to talk about how I was helping during coronavirus. I quickly scrambled to get a “newsworthy” backdrop set up just in time for my Zoom call debut. I had no clue what I was doing but A few quick adjustments to a blank wall in my dining room and I was ready to go.

Top Tips for A Zoom Call Backdrop


Find A Clean Wall

It doesn’t have to be a white wall, just as long as it’s mostly clean with minimal artwork or distractions. This will act as a good base for your call.

Add Some Greenery

I like to pull one of my faux fiddle fig trees over to my background wall and prop it up into the corner to add some depth and contrast to my backdrop. Simple and nothing too over the top.

Lighting Is Key

Make sure you are facing your light source. This is key to make sure that you are properly lit for your call. If you have natural light via a window, highly recommend. When your main light source is behind you, your face will end up really dark.

Turn Your Camera On Ahead Of Time

It doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re placement of your laptop is in the right spot, angled properly and that you’re framed in the shot.

Give Yourself Grace

Not everyone has the perfect at home set up, everyone on your call should understand that, so if there’s a bathroom door in the background (make sure it’s shut) or if your dog barks, it’s okay. We all need to give some grace during these times, but hopefully these tips are helpful for your making your next call that much better.

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