Household Chores That Matter More Now That We’re Quarantined

Sharing a few household chores that matter a lot more now to stay healthy while you’re stuck inside during quarantine.

Home Quarantine Routine - Cleaning via Emree Collective

Ew, Chores…. am I right? Now that we’re all quarantined and stuck inside, I’m sure everyone is noticing that you’re doing dishes more frequently, extra loads of laundry consisting of more leggings and sweats, and cooking. Are they starting to feel like daunting tasks? The other daily and weekly chores around the house haven’t stopped, but there are a few things that my roommate and I have made a more frequent habit since we’ve been quarantined.
Obviously, the Lysol and Clorox wipes are hot commodities right now in every household – but have you thought of the little things that could be helping you stay healthy during this new normal? These might seem like no brainers, but I thought I’d share a little list of chores that we’ve been upping our game on.

Anything you’ve been doing around the house that you’ve upped your game on? I’d love to hear!

Wipe down handles and doorknobs

Wiping down handles and doorknobs, including all of our kitchen handles, oven, microwave, dishwasher (because it feels like we’re running it everyday right now) has become a new part of our normal routine. We’ll run around and disinfect every knob and handle in the house once a week at the least. Include your remote controls for tv, roku, etc. while you’re at it! I’m sure those are getting a lot of use right now.

Swapping out hand towels regularly

A few of these will be a no brainer, but we have found that we’re more willing to run a quick load of towels and we’ll go and grab all the hand towels that get frequent use now that we’re home and compile a load of laundry. This keeps our hand towels fresh and hopefully cuts down on the germs around the house.

Change your toothbrush

Obviously this is a given, and when you get sick you typically swap it out again, but why not swap your toothbrush now and start fresh before waiting until you’re sick? I’ve been thinking of all the things around the house that I use daily and the toothbrush is definitely still one of them.

Keep outdoor shoes close to the door

My roommate and I have been doing grocery runs together so we can try and be the most efficient in the store. We’re also sharing meals a ton now that we’re spending every waking minute together. But we made a little joke on our first grocery run that our “corona shoes” will stay at the door and those are the only shoes we’ve been wearing outside in the wild. Well, I think we now have 2 pairs each by the door, but we are doing our best not to bring those into our bedrooms and for now, they’ll stay at the door for a little extra safety and easy access.

Change your towels and sheets

Another no brainer, but why not throw this one in there. Whatever your sheet washing schedule is, I bet it wouldn’t hurt to run those more frequently depending on your status with work, the grocery store, and other places you might be running essential errands to right now.

Wipe down your phone and credit cards

Here’s one that I’ve seen a ton online and on the news. Wiping down my phone and credit cards in my wallet is one that I hadn’t thought about until this all happened. Thinking about how many people come into contact with the cards in my wallet actually grosses me out now. Wipe those bad boys down and let them air dry.

Don’t forget about things like your mailbox and car door handles, and trunk handle too! The mail is still running regularly and I’m sure you’re still making trips to the grocery store. It’s always good to consider the main handles and spots that are touched within just a simple run to the store or walk to get the mail. Stay safe friends!

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    These are all great suggestions! I have been so bad about leaving my shoes at the door and changing out the hand towels!

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