7 Local Charlotte Businesses I Wish I Could Work Remotely From Right Now

I’m sharing my favorite places in Charlotte to set up shop with my laptop to get some work done… and some good food and coffee.

Local Charlotte Businesses

Charlotte has so many good local businesses, and I really hope to see all of them on the other side of this pandemic we’re currently dealing with. I’ve been trying my best to support as many local businesses as I can during this time and while we’re all stuck inside participating in some good ole’ self quarantine, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places I wish I could work remotely from right about now. Let’s show them some support during this time even if it’s a follow, like or sending a sweet message on social media.

Do you have a favorite place on this list?

Suffolk Punch | Website, Instagram, Current to-go menu during COVID-19

Sunflour Baking Company (South End Location) | Website, Instagram, open 7-4pm for curbside, takeout, etc. during COVID-19

Central Coffee (South End Location) | Instagram, Limited delivery during COVID-19, Grab a gift card here

Hex Coffee (Camp North End Location) | Instagram, limited delivery during COVID-19, Order here

Eight & Sand  | Instagram, To-go, pick ups, and pre-order available during COVID-19, Grab a gift card here

Coco and the Director | Website, Instagram, to-go offered 7am-8pm during COVID-19

Amelie’s (Park Road Shopping Center Location) | Instagram, Online order/delivery available with $20 minimum 11am-4pm during COVID-19 (see instagram for ordering by store location)

Photo by StudioAH

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