Planning Out My Master Bedroom

Sharing a peek into my plans for my master bedroom at the townhome. Everything from my crazy ides, what I want it to look like and some products I have my eye on.

Master Bedroom Planning - townhouse renovations

Welcome to my dream master bedroom. Hopefully. I have a few DIY projects ahead of me to bring this vision of mine to life, so please send all the positive thoughts and prayers as I share this here on the blog and dive into these projects on the weekends. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share these on instagram stories too so make sure you’re following over there as well!

It all started with a vision of a black wall. So I painted a wall black. Then I got hooked on the idea of adding trim and doing some form of board and batten on said black wall. Well, before I knew it I had jumped right down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and decided that I need to give this a shot. Let the planning begin – I’m sure I’ll call my dad a half a dozen times, and end up back at Lowe’s for my one millionth trip for more supplies. Have you ever tried an accent wall like this? I put the general concept I want into photoshop to help visualize the end result… this is just for a visual, so it’s not perfect or to scale but I love it!

Master Bedroom Before and After ideas - townhouse renovations

Let’s talk furniture and decor. I’m all about a neutral color palette and I love mixing textures to create a pulled together look. At the apartment, I could never quite figure out what I wanted for above my bed, I keep looking for something new but never found something worth buying until I found this woven hanging (similar) and it went straight to the townhouse. It was meant for this badass black wall. I snagged a few items during some Black Friday/Cyber Week sales and I’m starting to see the whole thing come together with a nightstand DIY I’m going to attempt – the inspiration is this media console I can’t get enough of. I’m definitely the kind of person who has to get my ideas down on paper visually to see the whole thing come to life. I’ve moved these boards around a million times because it’s only natural for a designer to never be able to make a decision for themselves. I’m sure I’ll change it again but I’m happy with where it’s heading. We’ll all have to see how everything comes together for real.

townhouse design mood board master bedroom via emree collective


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Main photo by StudioAH

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