5 Tips to Creating A Vision Board For 2020

Sharing my top 5 tips to creating a vision board for 2020 that you’ll be proud to hang on the wall all year round.

Tips for Creating a Vision Board for 2020

Last year I decided to start the tradition of creating a vision board. I had no clue that I would keep it hung up all year long and reference it frequently. I loved even more that I chose a word of the year and stuck with it. My word of the year guided me through the year more so than a handful of resolutions that only make it to January 15th… let’s be real. Maybe keeping track and checking in here on the blog was also helpful to keep me going with the vision board, but whatever it was stuck. So I created my vision board for 2020 and I’m so excited to share the results with you on Monday. I know, I’m sorry. I’m going to make you wait til Monday to see the final result. Why though? I’m hoping my word of the year is as impactful as my word of the year was in 2019.

My word of the year for 2020 is just as big as this year should be – It’s two words.

That’s enough of a sneak peek, let’s get back to today’s post. Creating a vision board. Last year, I shared 3 different ways to create a vision board, my two favorite were virtual and physical. I still did both this year, but the physical vision board just really shined in 2019 for me all around. I loved stocking up on magazines throughout the year not only to read, but to save for this year’s vision boarding session. I’m a big fan of the Magnolia Journals and HGTV Magazine as well. So those were my go-to for this year. Joanna’s magazine just has so much packed into each magazine. words, quotes, statements, imagery, you name it.

I also pick up catalogs, flyers, and everything paper from different showrooms at High Point Market in October and stock up on those for my vision boards as well.


ONE | Stock up on magazines that appeal to you or have subject matter that fit with your lifestyle, dreams and goals.

TWO | Take advantage of words, statements and phrases in magazines. Anything positive, appealing, or entrepreneurial is my go-to.

THREE | Come up with a color scheme so everything you cut out is cohesive in color, style, theme.

FOUR | Cut strips of patterns or solid colors to coordinate with your color scheme from your magazine pages and use strips to create a background behind your words and images. This adds depth and can connect different words or phrases so your board flows.

FIVE | Clip individual letters from large text or page titles to create your word of the year. I love this trick. I coordinate mine with my color scheme and it acts as the focal point of the vision board.

Don’t know what to clip from your magazines? Focus on things that could act as positive reminders, inspiration, or something that might relate to a goal or dream. Big or small, there’s no rules to vision boarding or even creating goals for the year. Have you tried vision boarding?

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