Trend Round-Up From High Point This Fall

A trend round-up from my trip to High Point Market – Fall 2019.

Design trend round up from fall high point market 2019 - via emree collective

High Point Market, I’ve said it before… it’s kind of like the fashion week for interior designers. It’s where everyone goes to check out the new products, experience the new trends, and meet with vendors and sales reps to continue business within the design industry. Between products, styling themes and even florals, market is the place to find out what’s new and what’s to come. Good thing I brought my portable phone charger with me because I counted and I took 980 photos in three days. Yep. All while enjoying free food, drink and making it to multiple appointments.

It’s truly a talent to conquer furniture market.

I noted on my instagram shortly after I left market how inspiring it is to attend and what it means to me. Every word is still true. I love doing these trend round-ups, because even if you’re not in the industry you can still enjoy the photos and take note of the trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere. Be sure to let me know which ones are your favorite in the comments.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorite trends that I noticed everywhere during my trip to High Point Market this fall.


You’ve probably seen or heard of floor poufs before, ottomans that are a little more “pillow” like, but oversized floor pillows are just that… massive pillows that are just a little too big for your sofa, most of the ones I saw at market had a nice leather handle on the side for easy moving around, but these things were everywhere. Perfect for an overload of friends for bachelor viewing parties? I don’t hate it.


Design trend round up from fall high point market 2019 - via emree collective

Terrazzo is a stone composite material usually made with a concrete and mixed with colored chips, typically a glass or stone. I love seeing terrazzo get another chance in the design world because it’s come back better than ever. I loved seeing it all over and used for all different things, dining tables, side tables, lamps, and even a pattern for wallpaper and fabric. Depending on the colors, it can have a really cool retro/modern look.


Design trend round up from fall high point market 2019 - via emree collective

Pumpkin spice and everything nice… this color palette was very popular at market this past fall. I’ve been seeing it in fashion also – and the warmer colors are definitely here to stay. I’m crushing on the deep mustard/pumpkin colors hard right now.


Design trend round up from fall high point market 2019 - via emree collective

Textured fabrics were legit everywhere. The eclectic, global look is coming into trend quicker than ever. It started more quickly over on the west coast, but the east coast is finally catching up and I’m so happy to see it! This one is one of my favorites, give me textured everything – bedding, blankets, pillows, etc. I’m loving this textured bedding I shared on Thanksgiving.


Design trend round up from fall high point market 2019 - via emree collective

The new “it” floral. I’ve already seen it at a few weddings and couldn’t quite figure out what it was. When I saw it all over the place and in almost every floral arrangement at market, I did a deep dive. This wheat looking floral is called Pampas grass and comes in natural and pink tones. It’s one to remember that’s for sure.


Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge session? I think the design world heard our cry and I saw the oversized lounge sectionals everywhere I turned during my trip to market. Affectionately called “the cloud” I fell in love with this sectional photographed above. It’s a little slouchy and messy at times, but once you climb in and grab a blanket you’ll be in love too.

If you liked this post and are looking to see more behind the scenes of market and some favorite trends, I loved reading the point of view from the girls of Charlotte Local Design Firm, House of Nomad.

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