5 Items To Remember While Prepping Your Home For Overnight Guests

Sharing a quick list of items to remember that will make your overnight guests feel special this Holiday Season.

5 Items to Remember when Prepping your Home for Overnight Guests via Emree Collective

It’s that time of year again… time to clean the house and get it ready for overnight guests. As your guests start to confirm their time off and book their flights or road trips for the Holidays, the daunting task of prepping your house adds to the to-do list. I’ve pulled together a quick list of items that are small but mighty when preparing for guests. These 5 items for the guest rooms and bathrooms will help make your guests feel like their in a 5-star hotel and they might even look past the fact that you didn’t have the time to dust every inch of your home…. because sometimes we can’t get to it all, right?

And if you’re looking for a killer holiday treat, be sure to check out my “family” fudge recipe… It’s great for holiday parties and even gifting.

Reasons why you should be making your bed


MAKE SPACE FOR SUITCASES – Make sure to clear off a chair, bench or even the top of your dresser for suitcases when you have guests traveling in from out of town. If it’s easier, you can also clear out a drawer for those staying longer than a few nights.

MAKE PLUGS ACCESSIBLE – We live in a powered world, make sure plugs are accessible for guests who need to charge up. You can even think ahead and add chargers for those hard to reach plugs hiding behind the bed or nightstand.

ADD ADDITIONAL BLANKETS – Adding additional blankets or bedding for easy access during those cold nights or even for family movie nights is always a great idea. You can layer blankets on the end of the bed or pile them in a basket. I love my preferred method of hanging options over a blanket ladder.


PUT OUT YOUR BEST TOWELS – Sometimes you’ll find yourself giving directions to the linen closet for towel options, and how to use the shower, etc. Make your guests towels easy to find and put out the good ones for guests to use. Leave a few out, folded nicely on the vanity or near the shower for easy access. No directions needed.

DISPLAY TOILETRIES – Add a basket or tray on your guest bathroom counter and fill with additional toiletries… you know, all those hotel mini samples that you’ve hoarded from your trips this year? You can also put out extra toothbrushes and other items just in case your guests forgot anything.

I also love the idea of stocking the bedside table in this article by Southern Living – and lastly, don’t forget to add that festive touch. Add a candle to the bathroom or some decorations to the guest room to elevate the holiday season throughout your home.

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