Hiring A Professional Organizer

Here’s what you should know and questions to ask before hiring a professional organizer.

Hiring A Personal Organizer - Perfect Fit Organizing in Charlotte, NC

The decision to hire a professional organizer can be hard. Personally, I consider myself someone who’s always in a place of organized chaos… from the outside, I really don’t look organized, but I know where everything is. I’m guilty of being a pile-maker. I love piles. Earlier this year I talked about 3 spaces I wanted to get organized this year. I was originally planning on moving my pillow studio into it’s own location but ended up putting that on hold (can’t wait for the new office space in the townhome) So I was working to re-organize my pillow shop as a temporary solution and I sat down with local professional organizer, Brittany Amann of Perfect Fit Organizing and went through a little about Brittany, her business and some basics things that you should expect when hiring a professional organizer. Here’s the scoop that will get you ready for your first appointment with Brittany.


What made you want to become a professional organizer?

I’ve loved organizing since I was a kid, but I didn’t realize until recently that I could create a business around serving others with something I already love doing! My mom was actually the one who suggested I research starting a business in this industry, since she knows how passionate I am about organizing.

You were a personal trainer before, how has that profession played a hand in organizing?

I’ve noticed so many similarities between personal training and organizing! The biggest similarity is the coaching aspect.  Just like with personal training, a professional organizer provides motivation, accountability and education when working with clients.

What’s your favorite area of the home to tackle?

I really enjoy working in kitchens and closets! I learn a lot about my clients’ personalities through their coffee mug and t-shirt collections.


What kinds of projects do you specialize in?

My specialty is helping clients with unpacking when they move into a new home. I absolutely love helping families get settled in and comfortable during that exciting (but often stressful) new chapter of their lives.  So much of the moving stress is relieved when a professional organizer unpacks and sets up your home for you!

Have you completed any training?

I don’t currently hold any special certifications, but I am always learning new tips and techniques by reading books and blogs from experts in the industry.

How would you describe your approach?

My approach focuses on making organization practical and beautiful.  These aspects look different for each client, so I always ask my clients about their lifestyle and their aesthetic preferences.

Do you offer an initial consultation?

Yes! I offer complimentary in-home consultations, as a way to make sure the client and I are the right fit for each other before proceeding with any sessions. We discuss the client’s every day routines and preferences, as well as their timeline and budget for the project.


What do I need to have or do for my first appointment?

The great news is- there’s no reason to tidy up or organize anything prior to the first appointment, and there’s no need to purchase any organizing products! In fact, products are always the last step of the organizing process, once we’ve measured the spaces and sorted through everything the client is keeping.

What do you bring to meet clients for the first time?

I have an organizing kit I bring with me for every session, which includes everything from a label maker to garbage bags.  I’ll also bring lots of bags to haul away any donation items we collect!

Will we start organizing at the first appointment? What should I expect from the first appointment?

The first session will include a lot of sorting into piles of “keep, donate or discard.” This process can take a few sessions, if there’s a lot to sort through.  After the editing process, I organize everything that’s staying in the house.

How many sessions do you typically have with clients to complete a job?

An average project requires 4 to 8 sessions, but the process is faster if clients do homework in between sessions. The homework is usually sorting through categories of items to decide what to keep and what to discard.

You can book your free consultation with Brittany HERE. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, and she even has a free guide to get you started!

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