Does Your Apartment Spark Joy? A Helpful Blog Round Up

A round up of blog posts that will help you really love your apartment.

Apartment Round Up

Like Marie Kondo always asks when she’s helping people de-clutter on her Netflix show (remember that show?), does this spark joy? This should also be asked about other things in your home. Being in my twenties, I’m at that point in life where some things I have in my apartment I’ve had since I graduated and moved to Charlotte and some things are new that I knew I really wanted. That creates the confusion in style where it’s half for budget reasons, half your real style and there’s always a “just because” factor. You kept it or bought it just because. Your home is very similar to your closet in many ways.

I recently asked myself if my rug in my bedroom sparked joy as a complete joke. It’s rolling and bunching on one corner and it’s been bugging me but I’ve had it for 3+ years now and it’s one of those just because items. I keep it because a new rug can be an investment and I already have one so why not just keep this one. But does it spark joy? Nope.

Do you have items like this in your home? I know I have a few more than just a rug. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite and most popular blog posts to help you make sure that your home sparks joy.


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