7 Home Trends I’m Loving Right Now

Sharing a look at 7 of my favorite home trends right now including paint colors, DIY projects, and a few other things that have me swooning.
favorite home trends in paint and finishes - diy projectsfavorite home trends in paint and finishes - diy projects
If you know me, you know that I love a good home project. Watching them, looking them up to find new ideas, helping friends with what projects and how – you name it. I’ve always tackled small projects because of apartment living and my favorite one to date is definitely my bathroom faucet. So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite home trends that I’m loving right now. Pin them, save them on instagram, bookmark this blog post – because I know you’re going to love these ideas + projects just as much as I do.


vertical shiplap home trend

Shiplap is typically horizontal, we’ve all seen this before. I love that I’ve been seeing it installed vertically more and more. My favorite project using this trend is from Shelby at Pretty in the Pines – her new dining nook came out amazing. Don’t forget to follow her home instagram account too, Home This Weekend.


If I had it my way, everything would be painted white. Shocker, I know. I’ve been following Chris Loves Julia for years now and their most recent kitchen renovation has been one of my favorites to watch. They really have me loving moody paint colors right now. I’m obsessed with the paint color they used for their cabinets, Thunderous by Sherwin Williams. The whole transformation is documented on their insta-story highlights…. it’s a must see.

moody paint colors home trend - DIY projects


applied box moulding home trend - DIY projects

I’m a recent follower of Philip or Flop and I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to hear about him, he’s so great about sharing and documenting his process. His DIY Box Moulding Entry way project is drool-worthy. You can check it out under his “Entry DIY” instagram highlight. It kind of makes me feel like I could do something like this myself one day…. you know, minus the two story walls.

Another amazing reference for wall paneling is from Emily Henderson. Probably one of the best guides I’ve ever seen.


black fixtures and hardware - home trends

This one is pretty popular right now, you can see black fixtures like faucets, lighting, hardware, etc. all over the place. I’m loving it and I’m not sure I’ll get sick of it soon. Remember my bathroom faucet reveal? (source + source)


black accent wall home trend - DIY paint project

I’m not sure where this one came from specifically, but I keep seeing it on Pinterest, and I can’t get it out of my head. I need a black accent wall. Somewhere. Anywhere? (source)


stenciling home trend projects

Another obsession, this is basically just a tribute post to all of my favorite home project accounts… but if you’re not following Ashley at Arrows and Bow then go do that now. She’s obsessed with stenciling things, and it makes me want to stencil everything too. Would you ever take on a stenciling project at home? Maybe this one??


black tile floor home trend

We all know tile floors are popular, but what about black tile floors? It’s easy to push the idea off but I think there’s definitely room for black tiled floors if they’re done right. I’m currently loving black hexagon floors. (source)
What’s your favorite home trend right now? Is it on my list?
First photo by StudioAH
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