Why You Need This $40 Bathroom Faucet

I swapped out the bathroom faucet in my rental apartment bathroom and this is why you should too.

I recently talked about doing a mini renovation on my rental apartment bathroom, and the first order of business was the sink faucet. It was bad.. but definitely something that as a designer, I noticed more than anyone else would. Once you see the differences you’ll know what I was talking about! I purchased this $40 matte black faucet from Amazon and didn’t look back. I got on the ground, climbed into the sink cabinet with some tools and a few FaceTimes to my dad later, I had installed a brand new faucet (that can easily be swapped back for the ugly one when I move out). No harm done.

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The main thing to look at when you are looking for a new faucet is the type and size of the base that meets the counter. Underneath your faucet there’s either one or 3 holes drilled into your countertop – so, to avoid needing to make any permanent adjustments you need to make sure you’re buying a faucet that will be a clean and easy swap. My faucet had 3 holes. The main spout/neck, and the hot and cold handles. And just to be safe, I opted for a faucet that connected all three at the base similar to the ugly one that came with the apartment.

You can also very quickly notice the difference in the neck height of the two faucets. The new $40 bathroom faucet even swivels! I’ve actually used that feature more than I realize I would… makes for cleaning my sink really easy! I also swapped out the brushed nickel hardware for the same ones but in matte black. All of these items are something that I can easily take to my next apartment or home when I decide to move! Shop all of my black hardware here

All in, this first part of my bathroom project – just swapping out the sink faucet took me a few hours. I had never done this on my own before, but I had a little confidence because I have watched my dad do this in our home a few times growing up. Turn off the water under the sink, disconnect the lines, unscrew the faucet from underneath, take it all out and install the new. Test it for leaks, test it again, and ta-da! I did have to run to Lowe’s in between for some plumber’s putty for the pop-up drain… I decided to go all out and swap out the drain too so the black matched. If you’re up for the challenge, I highly recommend giving this a try!

Just don’t forget to turn of your water under your sink first.

Photos by The Studio AH

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