What’s On My Bar Cart This Summer

Sharing a few of my new favorite drinks that I’ve collected from my travels this summer. Check out what’s on my bar cart and follow along as I share the recipes.

bar cart summer cocktail recipes to try

Summertime to me means fun, sun and relaxation. I try to maximize my pool days when I can, and spend time with friends on and off patios. This summer you might have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Tons of quick trips, extended weekends wherever possible, you know the drill. Trying new places also means trying new cocktails and I kept note of a short list of my favorite new drinks I’ve enjoyed that are easy to recreate at home… because, why not right? You might remember my grapefruit smash cocktail from a while back, I’ve been telling myself I need to share more cocktail posts like this – and here we are.

So I compiled a list of my new favorite refreshing cocktails that I have tried throughout my past few trips and mini vacations. I’m so excited to recreate these to share here on the blog. But today I’m sharing a quick review of each one from my trip before I recreate them. Be prepared to get thirsty, friends.

 bar cart summer cocktail recipes to try

bar cart summer cocktail recipes to try

Aperol Spritz

Everywhere | Is the Aperol spritz the drink of the summer? You can order one of these bad boys just about anywhere these days… and good luck finding Aperol on the shelves at the liquor store because I had to go to 3 different stores to finally find a fresh case being unloaded off a truck that hadn’t replenished the empty shelves yet. I like to call it the Italian mimosa we never knew we needed.

Alpine Mule

Manhattan Beach, CA | I ordered this drink during my birthday brunch at an amazing spot called Manhattan Beach Post. Cheddar bacon biscuits and a twist on the Moscow Mule in California turned out the be the perfect birthday pairing. This version of a Moscow Mule might be my new favorite… and it has a delicious twist. No lime needed.

Strawberry Blonde

Austin, TX | Originally a gin drink which was very good, I don’t drink gin regularly, so I decided to recreate it with vodka which I typically have on my bar cart. It did not disappoint! Not too sweet, but perfectly fresh and fruity.

Pimm’s Cup

NOLA | Um, hello if you’ve never had a Pimm’s Cup, please start planning your next trip to New Orleans because these were the best! I made it my mission to try one at every restaurant we ate at – I tried all variations mixed with sprite, soda water, and ginger ale and I loved them all, but the ginger ale was probably my favorite. I’m excited to whip this one up so I’ll be saving the best for last.

summer cocktail recipes to try from different cities

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