Coffee Table Books That Will Give You All The Beach Vibes

Sharing my summer list of coffee table books that will give you all the beach and vacation inspiration.

blue surfing themed coffee table book

Gray Malin coffee table books that are beach themed

Back in April, I spent a long weekend visiting one of my best friends in California. She lives in Redondo Beach, so we spent most of our time exploring and adventuring through all of the beach towns like Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. I have to admit, I was obsessed with the atmosphere – the weather was beautiful, the towns were so cute and not so hustle + bustle like I expected. The perfect combination of beach and boho literally everywhere we went.

Along the way, we stopped into a handful of cute little shops with different gifts, home decor and miscellaneous fun things. I noticed three things that almost every store had in common; the beautiful selection of handmade jewelry, handmade artisan pillows, and beach inspired coffee table books…. Talk about goals. I wanted to share a little about my trip on my Instagram stories, but I never imagined I’d be so inspired to write blogs from my mini vacation. I ended up snapping a ton of photos in the moment and made a list of the books that I just had to add to my own personal list, so here’s my list for you too. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my apartment just in time for summer.

I’d love to hear if you own any of these books below! I already own a handful of design themed coffee table books so I’m excited to find some different ones to add to my collection.

12 Best coffee table books with beach surfing and summer themes

1 – Surf Shack | 2 – Small Space Style | 3 – Swell | 4 – The Sea | 5 – Beaches | 6 – Chic Stays | 7 – The Bucket List | 8 – Escape | 9 – High Tide | 10 – Poolside | 11 – Surf Tribe | 12 – Surfing

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