Vision Board Update for 2019

A little life update and checking in on my vision board progress for 2019…. which also happens to be my word of the year.

Vision Board - Business Goals

This seemed like an unconventional post as I started to think of the idea to write about a vision board update, but since I wrote about my own personal vision board and shared all the details back in the beginning of the new year it actually felt right. I haven’t blogged in almost 3 weeks and I’m kicking myself thinking about it. Life can just happen though. I don’t blog full time – by day I’m an interior designer with a to-do list and deadlines so by night I’m working on my own to-do lists. I have been doing so many things behind the scenes that while I have a list of blog post ideas, I haven’t been able to execute any of them recently.

Y’all. I have so many ideas. So instead of letting them distract me from getting things done, I figured I’d write a little progress update (more like a mental checklist for myself of my progress) and share it here. If you haven’t created your own vision board yet, there’s nothing wrong with starting now. Check out this post on 3 ideas on how to create a vision board.


I mentioned in my previous post that I hung my vision board right next to my door so I’ll see it every day and I can confirm that it’s still there, and I do actually see it everyday. This was one of my best ideas yet. I get to see my word of the year and the pretty board (if I do say so myself) as a constant reminder to do all the things this year.


My word of the year was PROGRESS and I already feel like there has been so much of this in 2019. All the things are happening personally with fun trips, business-wise with my pillow shop, and career-wise with my job. You’ll see more here and there, but you can start with this article that was written about the design firm that I work for.


PERSONAL | I have said yes to more trips this year. I’ve always found myself holding back because of time or money and this year I told myself that I needed to have more fun and go places. Now, I haven’t booked any elaborate island vacations but I’ve managed to use long weekends wisely and I have 5 upcoming trips already planned. I’m actually headed to sunny Florida on Friday to celebrate my Dad’s birthday with family.

BUSINESS | I’m so excited for big things to be happening with my pillow shop this year starting basically right now (eeek!) I mentioned it a little here, but there’s a few things happening all at the same time. You’ll hear more coming in MAY! So make sure you’re following along on instagram for more to come!

CAREER | I’m excited for big things happening with my full time job as well. I’m going to be traveling more this year and taking on a new side to my job that I’m sure you’ll see more of as well. You can follow my firm’s new e-commerce design boutique here and check out the website here.

Vision Board 3 Ways - Corkboard

Did you create a vision board or have a word of the year for 2019? Share one of your goals for this year with me below, I can’t wait to hear them all!

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