My Faux Plant Life + Tips on How to Get the Jungalow Look to Fit Your Style

The plant life has become not only a decor choice but a lifestyle trend and I think Justina Blakeney is the best person to follow when it comes to all the things.

Plant life - faux plants in my home

Justina Blakeney created the Jungalow back in 2009 (I believe) and since then she has absolutely blown up. Whether it be in the design community, on social media, or within her own blog following – Justina and her brand are definitely a lifestyle these days. I personally have been following along with Justina for a few years now and I’m obsessed. Her boho lifestyle might not be for everyone but you can’t deny the bold colors, layers, and plants that makeup her signature look.

Plant Life - My Faux Plants

If you’re unfamiliar, you might recognize Justina’s books from this coffee table book post. They’re some of my favorites.

A few key elements to her signature look I mentioned above could be hard to try and recreate yourself. You probably know that I’m not a massive fan of color in my own home, I see enough of it at work with the design industry that I’m in so my personal style is very different. BUT – I love layers and plants. You could say that I have a small faux plant addiction… and I still want to add more. Taking different elements from this Jungalow style and making it my own so it works with my personal style. Here’s a few tips to bring this style to life.


Bright bold colors are a no-brainer with this style, but there’s a distinct business that works with her mixing of patterns. It’s busy but never looks too cluttered or overwhelming… maybe just overwhelming to try and recreate. When in doubt, mix patterns with different size/scale to make sure that they don’t clash.


Everything is layered in this style. Rugs, linens, pillows and textiles are all layered in excess with colors and patterns. Artwork is grouped into clusters like gallery walls and clusters of mirrors. For this remember to have a variety – variety of colors and patterns with pillows, and variety of shapes and sizes with art or mirrors. You can also reference this post here for layering rugs.


Oh, where to start with plants. You can’t really go wrong here. The brand kind of speaks for itself with the name, the Jungalow. The saying “the more the merrier” comes to mind with plants and whether you’re a faux or real plant lover, anything goes. My pro tip for you with plants in your home would definitely be in regards to the pots or baskets your plants have. Make sure your plants all have nice panters that are either very simple or have quality and style to them. I try to stick with simple white or concrete pots if I can find them – if not, grab a basket or an elevated planter to add some additional style.

Plant Life - Layered Shelf

Want to know more? I read this article from SixtySix Mag back around the holidays and I loved reading about Justina’s point of view on her business and brand. If you’re curious to learn more about her, I highly recommend the read.

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  1. December 18, 2020 / 4:31 PM

    Thanks for explaining the Jungalow design look to me. Your post is unique, full of great photos, and well written. Thanks for sharing this!


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