3 Spaces I Need to Get Organized

A little life update and some details on the three spaces I need to get organized in my home.

Hi friends! You might know this from past posts or me talking on instagram but I have lived in my current apartment for a year and my roommate and I just re-signed our current lease. We are so excited to stay in our cozy little apartment (and we can’t beat our location) for another year… Charlotte is crazy with rent rates so you never really know what’s gonna happen year after year. Since we just re-signed, we decided to treat ourselves to a house cleaning with Hux for a fresh and clean start. Y’all, it’s like Uber for house cleaning, it was so easy and incredible to come home to a clean house after work.

Along with our squeaky clean apartment, I’m also in the process of moving my pillow shop to a studio space (big things are happening, more on that later) So I’ve decided now is a perfect time to create a list of areas around my apartment that I want to get organized once and for all. We definitely aren’t tiny living by any means but as a girl, let’s be real I have a lot of stuff… and after a year of living here and my messy habits, Marie Kondo is still calling my name. 


I didn’t have a linen closet in my last apartment so having one in my current bathroom was an amazing upgrade. When we first moved in I thought I would just buy a bunch of boxes and bins and organize my linen closet. And I did… But I think it’s time for a little refresh and with my mini bathroom renovation that I’ve been working on what a better place to start then here? Side note: who’s excited to see my bathroom updates!?


I’m excited to take this one on definitely, I feel like I clean out and organize my closet fairly regularly but my dresser is one that is neglected. Clothes get lost and mysteriously unfold in the drawers, I’m in need of a full on clean out and organizing session. Not to mention my dresser is currently half occupied by fabric so I see some extra space in my future. This is great news for my full closet, but I definitely want to make sure the stays organized and doesn’t become a chaotic mess. Maybe some organizers or dividers for my dresser drawers?


This is another space that is currently occupied by sewing equipment, can you tell there’s a pattern here? Between blogging and sewing, I feel like I’ve always had a desk in my bedroom. Maybe it’s time for me to switch this up?? The ideas are already spinning through my head right now – I could get a cute shelf, create a little sitting area, or do I keep the desk? I guess I’ll have to think on this one. 

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  1. March 5, 2019 / 11:40 AM

    CANNOT WAIT to see your bathroom update!! You’re inspiring me to update mine too!

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    • Emma
      March 6, 2019 / 10:31 AM

      Thanks girl! I need the rain to stop so I can finally shoot it, bathrooms are so hard to shoot with no windows ha!


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