Easy Ways to Revamp Your Rental Bathroom On a Budget

Sharing a few easy ways to switch up your rental bathroom to make it feel a little nicer without breaking the bank, or the rules.

Tips for Revamping your Rental Bathroom

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I’ve been making some adjustments to my rental bathroom recently. I also posted about my initial plans for my mini bathroom renovation here. I’m so happy with how it’s turning out, doing a little bit here and there thanks to Amazon Prime and a few other places with super fast shipping. So of course I can’t wait to share the reveal with you all but for today, I wanted to share a little bit on different ways to switch up and revamp your rental bathroom on a budget. Let me know if you’ve thought about putting a little more into your bathroom or if you normally just leave it as is when you’re renting.. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Using baskets to create storage for items like toiletries or towels is a great go-to. I’m all about a good looking storage solution. In a guest bathroom, fill a basket on the counter with small or extra toiletries for your guests and for a linen closet alternative, grab a basket or baskets and roll your towels for a unique look.


Swap out the bath mat mentality for a small rug or a bath runner. The perfect situation for this would be if you have a rental bathroom with a long vanity or a long bathroom layout – a longer Beth runner will help fill out the space and mimic the size of your vanity cabinets creating an illusion of your bathroom being larger.


Don’t be afraid to hang artwork in your Bathroom! Above the toilet or above a towel rod are go-to spots for artwork. If you have tall ceilings or enough space, consider putting a shelf above your toilet for extra space and adding artwork on the shelf instead of hanging it on the wall.


This is also one of the items that is on my list for my mini bathroom renovation and I could not begin to tell you how easy this is to make the switch. I love the new toilet paper holder that I just installed in my bathroom, sticking with my all black hardware it really made the difference from the stock brushed nickel finishes that were there when we moved in.


A great opportunity for a real plant if you have a window, especially since you’re nearby a sink to keep it alive.. If you’re like me and don’t have a green thumb (and your bathroom has no natural light) you might want to go with a faux plant. I love the idea of having greenery in every room of my home. I style my greenery on the shelf above my toilet with some artwork. I’ve also seen a larger bathroom with this plant and this plant stand set up next to the bathtub for a cute, spa like look.


Especially if you have a smaller bathroom or a half bath. Changing the mirror could be such a game changer for your rental bathroom. This is one for those of you who probably rent a house rather than an apartment complex, sometimes house bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side and the mirrors that your landlord put in might not be the best size or the most attractive. Use this to get creative – Check out places like Wayfair or Amazon.


Changing out the hardware on your vanity could be a quick way to bring in a little more of your style into a rental bathroom. Places like Hobby Lobby and Anthropologie have a great selection of knobs and hardware that you can use to make the switch. Just be sure to save the old hardware so you can switch it back when you move out.

As a side note, Always make sure you save everything you switch out if it was originally provided by your landlord. Keep it all in a box and put it under your sink or in the back of your closet so you don’t lose anything! You’ll have to switch it all back when your lease is up, but the impact these small changes will make for the time that you live there will be so worth it.

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