4 Ways to De-Stress Throughout the Work Week

Stressed from the work week? It’s time to give my favorite methods to de-stress during the week a try and see for yourself that these really do work.

Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels Throughout the Week

The 9-5 grind can really make it seem like you’re in a rut. Wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. So where did all that time for YOU seem to go? Between the never ending work emails and forever long to-do lists, the stress of work seems to continue even after leaving your desk. Here are 4 ways to de-stress and recenter yourself throughout the work week.


Stop staring at the computer screen and go out and smell the roses. Getting up and getting that fresh air will give you a great reset and you can come back to your project with a refreshed mindset. There are great apps out there, like the Peloton app, with 30-minute walking series, or call an old friend and catch up a bit. Setting a routine like this will add that bit of exercise into your work day as well and maybe you’ll even make friends with a neighborhood dog or cat.


Not only does tea make for a cozier feeling, but it also is a great way to avoid that midday crash. The caffeine in coffee tends to give ups and downs but tea, especially with lighter caffeine levels, gives a steady energy the day through. Fun herbal teas that fit the seasons are a nice little treat in the afternoons as well, and a great way to make your work space smell delicious. Go treat yourself to a cute new mug for your desk for your new afternoon tea ritual!


Organization is key when it comes to eliminating stress. Creating lists is a great way to stay on top of due dates and priorities. Seeing the little tasks laid out that are easy to complete quickly will make you get them done and take a lot off of your plate and out of that jumbled mess of thoughts in your head. And when you’re in a rut, you can feel great looking back at them and seeing everything you’ve already accomplished this week.


So many of us spend so much time behind a computer screen or phone all week. Give your eyes a rest and put the phone away. Try picking up a good ol’ book and reading or finding a hobby or craft that you like to do. Or, if you’re looking for a bigger project and have the space, maybe even get out a puzzle and work on it a little each day. Doing something with your hands and away from the screen feels so rare nowadays and is truly detoxifying and refreshing.
How do you de-stress your life during the week? Do you take time during lunch and do something for yourself like go on a walk, do you head to the kitchen for some afternoon caffeine and chat with coworkers or are you an after work gym person to let it all out before you go home? Let us know in the comments!
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