5 Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Apartment

A few quick tips to remember when decorating or refreshing your home this year. These are a few of the most common mistakes I see that you could be making in your home too.

5 Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Apartment

My homeowner friends (and even some renter friends too) pretty much know that I’m always taking mental note of interiors and details wherever I go. I touch walls in restaurants, comment on the tile in bathrooms, and I’ve been known to flip over a chair or two just to read the manufacturer tag… (yes, guilty) But when it comes to my friends houses, it’s always approached one of two ways and never anywhere in the middle. It’s either “you can come over but don’t judge my decorations” or “hey can you take a look at this, I need some help” I like to try and laugh a little at both. I love my friends and while yes, I might notice that your rug is too small for your living room, I understand that not many people know how to properly size your rugs or hang curtains. Knowing this stuff isn’t rocket science by any means, but it does take a creative mind who can visualize it and see the proportions or how something will look best. Not everyone is a designer, I get that! And that’s why I love this blog so much, because I can come on here and talk it out with you and help share a little bit of the how and why.

So in the case that you may not know what design do’s and don’ts you might be making I’m sharing my top 5 today.


Curtain length and how you hang your curtains is one of the biggest things that can make such a difference in your home. Personally, I don’t believe in 84″ curtains. Always always get 96″ or larger (depending on your celling height, of course) and hang your curtains for the curtain length, not the window. It’s okay for your curtains to hang taller than your windows. If you’re looking for more info on this topic, check out this post on window treatments, or this post on curtain shopping do’s and don’ts.


Most designers like to live by the rule of front legs on, back legs off for living room rug sizing, meaning the front legs of every piece of seating should be on the rug and the back legs can be off. I tend to agree with that rule, but sometimes in apartment living you might not always have the option to style and lay out a proper living room set up to follow this rule. I always like to tell my friends that their rugs should be larger than they probably think. If you think you can get by with a 5’x7′ rug, you most likely need an 8’x10′ – in fact, 8×10’s are my go-to size in most apartments. Just remember, one size does not fit all!


Much similar to rug sizing, artwork is also another one of those items that most people don’t buy the proper size. Your artwork is probably too small, I love to live by the bigger the better and oversized artwork is one item that will truly make a statement. Don’t be afraid of going for a massive piece of art above your sofa, or even a pair to give the illusion of something larger. When hanging your artwork, make sure it’s not too high. If you have tall ceilings, your art doesn’t have to be centered on the height of your wall, maybe it sits a little lower and closer to your furniture than you think it should to create a cohesive look.


If you know me then you know that I’m all about layering! With my love for neutrals, I need all the layering and textures I can get my hands on in order to keep everything feeling and looking great! I love layering in all the different textures and elements everywhere. For a bed, add a coverlet and a chunky throw blanket to your standard bedding to create a fluffy, layered look on the end of your bed. In your living room, add a large basket and pile it with some additional pillows and throw blankets for height and texture. Don’t be afraid to layer with pillows of all sizes.


This is also an easy fix, it just takes knowing what pieces to mix and match or what pieces to upgrade to first. A great option if you’re still living with your old, tired bedroom set from college or if you still have that bedroom set from Ikea (don’t worry, I do too) Instead of going for or getting rid of the whole set… bed frame, nightstands and dresser, stick with the nightstands and dresser and mix in an upholstered headboard or swap out your nightstands for something a little fresh and fun.

Do you think you’re guilty of making any of these mistakes in your home or apartment?

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