Mini Bathroom Renovation Plans for My Rental Apartment

Showing you a peek into my plans to revamp my apartment rental bathroom this year.

Mini Bathroom Makeover - Rental Apartment

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So my roommate and I have been in our current apartment for a year now. A whole year has gone by and I still don’t feel like I’m settled in and fully decorated around the apartment like you would expect. I’m constantly wanting to change things, upgrade those Ikea nightstands, buy a new rug for my living room… and the list goes on! Since we recently re-signed our lease for another year, I’ve decided I’m going to take a different approach to the apartment to finally get it done and I’m going to tackle it one room at a time. Starting with my bathroom. I mean, after all it’s essentially where we start and end our days.

Remember my empty apartment tour from when we first moved in?? I love looking back and seeing the difference a year of living in a space makes. Today I’m sharing my plans to do a mini makeover on my bathroom with you – and yes, I’m going to do all of this in a rental apartment! Everything I’m planning for is reversible for when the time comes to move out. I was super inspired by this bathroom makeover.

Mini Bathroom Makeover Plans - Rental Apartment

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My plan for the bathroom is to go all black and white with a touch of greenery. Bringing in texture and layering elements will be key to make sure that everything works together and not against each other. The finishes in my bathroom currently are all neutral, dark cabinets and white/gray granite counters. I don’t prefer the dark espresso cabinets, but that’s something I definitely can’t change in my rental! I haven’t decided if I’m going to change the cabinet hardware just yet, but I’m definitely going to change the rest of the bathroom hardware… and attempt that sink faucet. The standard sink faucet that came with the apartment is very short so I’m looking to add some height with this faucet.


ALL BLACK HARDWARE – Going with all black hardware will give my bathroom a more custom, styled look.

RUNNER RUG – I’ll be opting for a runner bath mat over a standard size for a more custom, home-y feel.

MINIMAL COLOR + PATTERN – Sticking with solids and stripes brings in the minimalist look that I’m looking for. I’ll be layering and pulling in more textured solids to create this style that I want.

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