5 Steps For Decluttering Your Home + Staying Organized This Year

Decluttering and staying organized in your home has been a very popular topic this year. I’m sharing my 5 steps to decluttering your home today.

Ways to Refresh your Home in 2018

Let’s talk about the Marie Kondo method for a minute… we’ve all seen the Netflix phenomenon I’m sure, and if you haven’t please do us both a favor and go put it on because it’ll have you hooked. I have multiple friends who have gotten the #MarieKondo itch to re-organize their closets and kitchen pantries, its so funny to hear everyone loving decluttering right now because let’s face it, it’s quite the task. Apparently all we needed to do was make it a cheerful experience and it wouldn’t be so daunting. 

If you’ve watched the show, you probably know the term “spark joy” by now. You’ve also probably heard that this whole thing has caused thrift stores to be crazy busy with donations too. Personally, I’m about to go through my whole closet and drawers this weekend and you can guarantee I’m going to try out her folding method and maybe even ask myself if my things spark joy while I’m doing it. If you’re looking for where to start in your home, check out this post on ways to refresh your home for the new year and then follow these steps below to take your organization to the next level. 


Ways to Refresh - Organize

ONE | START FRESH – Start by taking everything out of your space. No matter what it is that you’re planning to declutter and get organized you should always start here. Taking everything out of your space not only allows you to take a look at everything you have, but it allows you to look at the empty space with a fresh eye and get it reorganized with a function in mind. 

TWO | PURGE – Take your time going through everything you have to make sure that you’re only keeping what you truly use and getting rid of what you do not use or want anymore. An easy tip here is to create 3 piles… keep, donate and trash.

THREE | ORGANIZE – Make a list, get supplies, and get organized. Seems simple, right? In order to get organized efficiently, I like to take a look at all the items I’m keeping and categorize everything to help put it all back in an organized manner. If it’s clothing, you might just need new hangers or baskets. If you’re organizing something that requires more attention to detail like a junk drawer or an office space, you might need to make a list for bins and baskets that will help you organize paperwork or drawers. Don’t be afraid to get nerdy with it.

FOUR – PUT IT BACK – Now you can begin to put back everything in an organized manner. If it has a home, you will be more likely to use it intentionally and keep it organized throughout it’s use.

FIVE | MAINTENENCE – It doesn’t just stop when you put it all back in its new spot. Weekly freshening up is something that you should maintain in order to stay organized and keep from getting too cluttered again throughout the year. 

Okay, now I want to know… have you watched the Marie Kondo Netflix show yet? What did you think and did it get you up and organizing?

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  1. Marie Kondo is changing the way EVERYONE stays organized! She is the cutest little lady, too. I like starting fresh and having a clear mind to tackle the idea of organizing, too.
    XO Amanda || Affordable by Amanda

    Posted 1.24.19 Reply
    • Emma wrote:

      I agree! She is so adorable, I can’t get enough of her!

      xo, Emma

      Posted 1.28.19 Reply