3 Ways to Create a Vision Board for The New Year

New Year, New You. Discussing 3 ways to create a vision board to help you stay on track with your goals this year.

3 Ways to Create a Vision Board for The New Year

Happy 2019! I’m so excited to be back here on the blog and so ready for an amazing year. I’ve always been one to have “resolutions” each new year, but never really did anything to keep track or hold myself to them. This year, I got together with my right hand girl Rianna and we brainstormed about a different approach to those New Years Resolutions. We decided that everyone is slightly different and not one thing would work for everyone so we came up with 3 different types of vision boards to help keep your goals on track (and achievable) this year.

Each of these vision boards have different benefits to them that we both love! Hopefully you can find one of these vision board methods to help you keep track of your goals this year.


This is probably the most popular version that comes to mind when you think of a vision board. Rianna and I both made one of these this year and Rianna even had a vision board party with a few of her girlfriends this past weekend. A physical vision board is a great option, but only if it’s hung out in the open and in a place where you’ll see it as a daily reminder.

  • HOW TO – Grab your magazines and start cutting! Just like back in the day when you would cut and paste, there’s really no wrong way to make a vision board like this. Use words that are inspiring and motivational and images or quotes that mean something. Get creative!


Rianna created a vision book and a bullet journal for her vision board to keep up with her on-the-go lifestyle. Keeping her journals in her bag with her at all times is a great way for her to keep her goals close and stay on track. She can also make notes and write in her journals each day as she does things or works towards her goals.

  • HOW TO VISION BOOK – Just like making a corkboard or posterboard vision board, you can grab any materials (including markers, stickers or magazine cutouts) to put this together. Having separate pages each dedicated to different aspects of your goals gives you more space to include extra tips, tricks, or inspiring images and quotes to keep you on track. For example, in the vision board book I made there is a page for clean eating along with space in the following pages for yummy and healthy recipes, there is a page dedicated to future family goals (including adoption and foster care) and pages for the different travel destinations that are on my bucket list. There is also a page for goals that I have in my current career path as well as a page dedicated to what my dream career path would be which is nice to be able to compare. Not only is a book a great way to be able to fit more into your vision goals, it also looks clean displayed on a coffee table or bedside table when you don’t have much wall space to hang something up.
  • HOW TO BULLET JOURNAL – The Bullet Journal is a great way to stay on track daily by adding in accountability charts that work towards the goals that are in the vision book. This is also a great way to track your daily moods and see what activities are occurring on the days that inspire you versus the routines you may be following on days that give you negative feelings. These can help to clarify what you really want in life and help you move towards finding goals that suite your individual self and what brings you happiness.


I loved this way to create a digital board especially with my lifestyle being busy but I’m always on the computer and Pinterest is a huge tool in my day-to-day… even at work! I created my Pinterest board with the year first so it is always at the top of my boards. This method is a good way to keep a little reminder even when you’re thinking about other things.

  • HOW TO – This is just like creating another Pinterest board, but make sure to add 2019 at the beginning of your Board Title so it’s always at the top of your boards. You can pin everything from images and places you want to travel to infographics and inspiring quotes. I love this infographic on how to wake up earlier since one of my goals this year is to create a better morning routine.

Which one of these methods work for your lifestyle this year? Let us know what some of your goals are in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

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  1. Lindsay
    January 15, 2019 / 7:20 AM

    I absolutely love this blog. I’ve been putting off doing my vision board but this gave me so mich inspiration! Thanks Emma!

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