Amazon Must Haves for Your Apartment

Sharing my top five must have items for your home from none other than Amazon.

Amazon Must Haves For Your Home


If you’re anything like me Amazon Prime is your lifeline. Everything and anything you could possibly need, you can order it on Amazon and have it in 2 days. I’ve even tried out Prime Now and had some things at my door in hours. Yep, HOURS. Prime Pantry? Yeah, you can even order most of your groceries and snacks to your door too. If that isn’t the best, I don’t know what is. Sticking with the topic of how much I love Amazon, I’m sharing my favorite must have items from Amazon that I have actually purchased and items that you need in your home ASAP. Here are my mini reviews of my top five must have items from Amazon – I’d love to hear if you have any of these items as well!

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DUVET INSERT | This is a recent purchase of mine and I’m so excited for this one. Full disclosure, I have had an overpriced duvet insert from a brand name store for a few years now and it essentially just turned into a flat sheet, it was terrible. After a ton of research, I found this option that is apparently highly coveted in the duvet world. I convinced a client to purchase this duvet insert and I got one for myself as well. Need I say more?

ROUND MIRROR DUPE | This mirror is so similar to this Pottery Barn mirror I’m surprised it hasn’t been shared and showed as a dupe more… and I know when it comes to dupes it’s easy to be a little hesitant but this mirror is amazing! I purchased this mirror for a client recently and have nothing but amazing things to say about it. And the 37″ size is the way to go!

CURTAIN RODS | I’m a big curtain/curtain rod person, when it comes to curtain rods the designer in me is a stickler for properly hung curtains. The rods in your home should match.. for the most part (apartments with multiple roommates are the difference) and I believe the simpler the better when it comes to the actual rod itself. I love these simple black curtain rods and they won’t break the bank. I put these in a clients home and they are the perfect size, shape, look and come in multiple lengths too!

OUTDOOR RUG | This outdoor rug was a clear winner on instagram when I posted it this summer. I think this was the item that I got the most dm’s and tweets about where it was from. I love the plastic material of this rug for outdoor use because it means no mildew from the weather and it holds up very well. You can’t go wrong with adding this to your apartment patio.

INDOOR RUG | This rug is another item that I have put in a few clients homes. It’s the perfect white but not so white rug. Simple pattern, nothing too fancy or traditional. I’ve also heard a weird trick about using Windex to clean stains out of this rug… never tried it though.






I personally love this line, I think Amazon has done a great job selecting their new home lines to compete with other big box stores you might think of when it comes to furniture and home decor. The items in Rivet’s collections have been some of my favorites, I love the textures and details in the textile products like blankets and their accent pieces like lamps and lighting.


I’m so happy to see Bloomingville offering an assortment of their popular items on Amazon. I was recently introduced to the brand through my new job and I’m obsessed with their affordable approach to some common items with a current twist. Kitchen ceramics, boho style pillows, garden pots & planters, and outdoor mats… everything is perfect if whimsical boho style is up your alley.


Stone & Beam is new to me but after some thorough research, they are one of Amazon’s new home brands exclusively being sold at Amazon. I’m loving the looks of there storefront – you can find anything from furniture and lighting to bedding. I’m going to be shopping this line for sure.

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