5 Things Guests Notice Throughout Your Home

Sharing a few tricks to keep in mind while you’re preparing your home before hosting for the holidays this season.

5 Things Guests Notice In Your Home - Holidays

It’s the time of year where tings are really starting to get busy. The last few weeks before Christmas and your lists are long, the lines in the store are even longer and anything to make this hectic season a little less crazy is welcome. Personally, I can’t believe how pushy and short tempered people are this time of year! I encountered a few very stressed people in Target last night while I was picking up a few things for a gift exchange party I have tonight with some friends, maybe they need this list too! Don’t be shy to go ahead and share this post with your family members who are hosting the festivities for Christmas and ask them if you can help by bringing anything! Could be a good way to help relieve some of the pressures of hosting.

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A must have when it comes to the holidays is a well stocked bar. If you’re looking for an easy drink to serve this Christmas, check out my favorite cranberry Moscow Mule. I can’t wait to be whipping up these for my family once we’re all together.


A fresh bouquet is always a nice touch around the house for guests. Another good idea would be to bring a bouquet as a small hostess gift if you’re not hosting this Christmas. I love eucalyptus around the holidays.

5 Things Guests Notice In Your Home


Candles are my go-to during the holidays, and a great way to welcome your guests into your home. Last year I burned this candle from Hearth & Hand by Magnolia all winter and this candle has been a great gift item.


This might sound so weird, but I have a family friend who always had a holiday candle burning in their bathroom every time we visited during the holidays. It was clean, with a fresh scent and it was one of those things that just stuck with you throughout the years. A clean bathroom makes an impact even if you don’t think about it much.


An organized entry also makes an impact on your guests because it’s the first thing they see when they walk in. Open hooks for jackets and purses are always a plus.

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