Go-To Neutral Blankets for Fall + Winter

Sharing a few of my favorite throw blankets for this fall + winter season whether you’re looking for yourself or for gifting.

Go to Blankets for this Fall + Winter

Let’s be real for a second, everyone loves a good blanket.. right?? I know I do! Personally I’m a huge throw blanket person and you can catch me wrapped up in a blanket typically all year round, there’s just a comfort level that a blanket provides. Since the holidays are around the corner it’s almost time to start thinking about gifts. I like to keep a few gifts on standby when the holidays come around just in case I forget something (it happens) or if I have a party or event that I need a hostess gift for.

My go-to gifts to keep on standby are always candles and blankets. Pair either of them with a nice bottle of wine and you’re set. I recently got a new blanket for myself to have around the apartment this winter, and my first thought when I saw the packaging was that this would be the perfect gift! I immediately pulled together this post of my go-to neutral blankets for bundling up this fall/winter. Fun fact – I have 3 of these and there’s nothing better than a tried and true suggestion in my opinion. I want to know, are you a blanket person?? Let me know, and if you are I wanna know if you have any of these blankets yet!

Go to Neutral Blankets for this Fall + Winter


This blanket has got to be my favorite faux fur blanket, hands down. I own the mocha colored one and I’ve even gifted it to a friend and it’s her favorite too. Faux fur can be tricky to care for and wash and I can say that I’ve successfully washed this blanket multiple times without ruining the quality. (Light wash on delicate cycle on its own, and lay flat to dry brushing the faux fur with your hands to keep the direction a few times.)


This is the blanket I have most recently purchased and I’m obsessed. It’s super soft and you can’t go wrong with the solid colors. I also had a few people DM me about it on instagram when I initially posted it on my stories saying that they have it as well… it’s a no brainer.


You might remember this herringbone throw blanket from a past post, I also shared it more recently when Rianna was talking about making your bed everyday. The quality of this blanket is so good. This one is definitely more on the pricey side, but it’s worth every penny.


I love the chunky tassels on this throw. I can see this one being perfect in a guest room during the holidays. Perfect for your guests to use a cute throw while they’re staying at your place.


If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with texture and mixing textures to create a look. I love this throw blanket, it reminds me of something from Anthropologie but with half the price tag so you won’t break the bank whether it’s for your personal use or a gift.

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