Why You Should be Making Your Bed Every Morning

A little dose of inspiration on why you should be making your bed every morning to help with your day-to-day… and a controversial topic on sheets.

Reasons why you should be making your bed

If you told my mother when I was a child that I, the girl who always forgot her shoes and ran off the bus with an unzipped backpack, papers falling out from every angle, hair a mess, would grow up to be someone who willingly chose to make her bed every day she would have laughed in your face. But let me tell you, ever since I have picked up this habit (which initially started out from trying to prove to a guy that I was in fact a cleaner, more organized person than I truly am and it stuck) making my bed has been something I have made sure to do every single morning.


Making the bed first thing in the morning is such a simple task that you can do to start off your day with instant productivity. Life gets so overwhelming, and our to-do lists never seem to be completed, so that initial check mark in the morning is a great way to start the day. Every little step adds up to that great feeling of an accomplished day and, though making your bed is so simple, it can be the task that sets off the rest of your day to go well, as you have already been able to feel like you got something right first thing in the morning.


Having a tidy bed, which is usually the focus of the bedroom (or in my case, my studio apartment) makes the entire space feel cleaner. It is such a large area that if the comforter is all bunched up and pillows are strewn across it, it can make that large portion of your room look like a mess. And, once your bed is made, it makes it easier to maintain a cleaner room overall. You aren’t going to leave that pile of laundry thrown on the floor if the majority of your space is tidy and clean. This one simple step of making your bed can grow and expand into other cleanly habits as well, leading to an overall more clean and organized life.


Coming home after a long day to a nicely made bed gives you that same feeling that going back to the hotel after a busy day to a nicely turned-down room does. It feels inviting, clean, and like a gift waiting to be opened and crawled into. You never have to worry where that extra pillow has gone missing since throwing it off the bed last night, or why the sheets are untucked and twisted at the bottom; after a long day full of stress or those days when it seems like absolutely nothing has gone in your favor, you can walk into your bedroom and see your bed, your final step of the day, is clean and organized and ready to give you the sweetest of dreams.

Now maybe you’re thinking okay… okay… you’ve got me, I want to try making my bed and seeing if it can change more of my life but how do I start? Well, let’s start here – are you a top sheet person or not? I am NOT! …But Emma is. So let’s look at it both ways.


I found that spending the morning looking for wherever that dang sheet had bunched up and disappeared to and then having to retuck it in to all of the sides made making my bed way too tedious and daunting of a task for the first thing in the morning. Instead, I have a fitted sheet and then my comforter and a whole bunch of pillows.I wash my duvet every week along with the rest of my bedding and have found that getting rid of the top sheet (which I honestly was never a fan of) was the motivation I needed to make making my bed every day into a reality.


Emma loves a good top sheet, and if it isn’t controversial enough… she makes sure to put her top sheet on her bed “upside down” so the right side of the sheet faces the fitted sheet. That way, every morning when she makes the bed she knows that when she flips over the edge of her top sheet and comforter, the right side of her top sheet faces up! It’s a good way to motivate you to pull the covers back and make the bed, if not, you’ll just be looking at the wrong side of your fitted sheet all day.

So if the top sheet debacle isn’t your hesitation, you can also try buying some new throw pillows! Decorating your bed in a way you find beautiful, cozy and inviting will make it more fun to make! I personally am a huge fan of all white bedding with some fun throw pillows that are easy to switch up depending on your mood or the season. This is such a cost-effective way to change the whole style of your bedroom and make making your bed more fun!


This post was written by Rianna Lane, contributor for The Emree Collective. You can check her out and follow her on Instagram, here.

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    Nice read and wait the 2 of you actually make your beds now? Lol

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