Tips For Shopping For The Perfect Sofa

Buying a sofa can be a huge commitment. Not only is it definitely an investment piece of furniture, but depending on what you’re looking for or where you are looking… the price of a new sofa or sectional can cost you a pretty penny. This two part sofa guide is for you to select the perfect sofa for your home and shop for it with confidence!

Today’s post is part two of everything you need to buy that dream sofa! If you missed part one, you can check it out here. I covered all of the styles and details for selecting the perfect sofa for your home and today’s post is all about shopping!

In Store Shopping Tips

ONE | Go see it in a store – even if it’s not the exact one you want. Most stores will have an option that is similar so you can see, touch and feel the one you’re considering. Maybe they only have the loveseat version.. sit in it anyways. Look at the cushion style, the shape of the arms, etc.

TWO | Don’t be afraid to lift the cushions and move things around – You’ll probably want to make sure that you can flip the seat cushions just in case your friend spills red wine one night or if your cat scratches the cushion. Take those babies off the couch and make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Longevity in an investment piece is KEY.

THREE | Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Similar to above, there’s probably a sales person nearby who is there to help you. Anything you want to know? Ask them. Can you unzip the cushion covers and wash them? What’s the warranty? The more you know the better you’ll feel after swiping your card.

FOUR | Ask to see their available fabrics – if the couch you’re looking at isn’t the color you want, or you saw a ton of fabric options online… ask. They probably have a book or a ring of fabrics that the sofa you’re looking at is available in.

FIVE | Ask for a swatch to bring home – Most furniture stores can give you a small fabric or leather sample to take home so you can put it in your space. I can guarantee that the lighting in the store is much different than your home. And if you already have other items with color or fabrics… maybe you want to match a color in your rug? You’ll want to make sure your fabric choice will look good in your existing space. You’ll thank me later.

SIX | You can also probably ask the sales person if they have any sales coming up that would include furniture. Especially if you’re taking some fabric swatches home to make your decision, you’re probably not making a purchase right then and there, and if they have a holiday sale coming up it’s always a good idea to check so that way you can snag that discount!


Online Shopping Tips

ONE | Read the description – read everything including what materials are used. Is that beautiful gray a microfiber, but you were expecting a thick quality canvas material? Reading the description will save you all the hassle when it comes to ordering online.

TWO | Check the dimensions – this one should be a no brainer, but most sofas these days are not a standard size anymore. The standard size sofa is typically 84” wide. I bet you’d be surprised to hear that the new sofa I just bought is 96”…. it’s HUGE!

THREE | Tape it out – This one is for you if you’re not sure how it would look in your space and it’s hard to visualize the sofa you’re looking at in your home. The best way to help visualize something like a new couch is to take some blue painters tape and tape it out on your floor. This will give you an outline so you can see how it fits in the room along with how it looks scale wise next to your other pieces of furniture.

FOUR | Read reviews – remember my post about tips for shopping online? This one is very important here. Being able to read the reviews for a piece of furniture you’re about to invest in online is HUGE. Pay special attention to the customer photos if the company’s website has this feature. Also remember to take the good reviews with the bad and make a decision on your own. Not everyone’s situation or taste is the same.

Have you made the big sofa investment before? How was your shopping experience? Any other tips you think would be helpful, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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