Spring + Summer Designs Trends to Try This Year

The design trends are big this year and there’s a ton of them. Some sticking around from last year and some brand new and coming in hot – I’ve compiled a handful of my favorite design trends for 2018. These are the ones that I would put in my own home, and the ones you should put in your home too.

First things first when we’re talking about trends… A lot of people are quick to assume that just because it’s called a trend that it’s something that will go in and out of style quickly, kind of like a fad. While that can be the case, I’m confident that this selection will not be short lived.  Trends like these are definitely something that should make it’s mark and set the tone for design over the next few years. Some may become staples that you can use to mix with other trends as they come in hot in the coming years. They’re nothing to be afraid of and the selection that I’m sharing today can create a classic look that could be timeless when styled properly.

And of course, it’s all about personal style too. It’s all about how you would put your twist on it. For more reference, I’m loving these 2018 trend reports from HouseBeautiful and Ideal Home.

Spring Trends for 2018

Natural Woods | I’m loving everything about this trend. If you’re going to invest in furniture this year, I would highly recommend investing in a natural wood piece of furniture. Noted as “natural wood” for the look, but we all know that there is a ton of variety when it comes to wood colors and tones. I would stick within the light to medium warm tones or a lightly white washed wood but nothing too milky or painted in color.

Embellishments | Macrame, fringe, tufting, you name it. Tufting is coming back, not that it was ever out of style (I think) but we’ve all seen fringe come back in and Macrame even bigger. The perfect way to use the trend? Macrame – Choose an embellished pillow or ottoman pouf over a wall hanging. Fringe – Select a neutral or solid color pillow or bedding detail rather than bright colored tassels.

Black and White | Black and white is a truly timeless style, but we’ve seen it come back hotter than ever a lot in the Joanna Gaines, Farmhouse style lately. Black and white is a great way to mix an all neutral color palette without a pop of color and still have dimension. When it comes to fabrics, I love the muted black and white stripe in more of a linen material, or even an eclectic mudcloth look.

Foliage | And I’m talking excessive foliage. The Jungalow has been my go-to resource for all things nature and plants for years now and I’m so happy to see that the excessive plant and foliage trend is finally catching on all over the place. If you’re ever questioning to yourself, “Should I buy this plant?” or “Do I need more plants?” The answer is always yes. The trick with this trend is to layer your plants to create The Jungalow look.

Global Prints + Textures | This one is very vague in the sense where you cannot go wrong. When I think of shopping for this style, I would associate World Market and Anthropologie Home to this type of look. I also think this is more of a half thrifted and half bought look if you are going all out. You can have global prints and textures without going for the Worldly Look all together, so don’t worry! The African fabrics – Mudcloth and Indigos are a huge driver for this trend. Starting on the West Coast, they’ve been in on the secret for a few years now and I think we’ll be seeing more of this style on the East coast a lot this year.

Blush Pink | Also currently referred to as “Millennial pink” is everywhere right now. Blush chairs, blush vases, paintings, glassware, you name it… it’s out there in blush. If you follow the Pantone Color of the Year, you might remember Rose Quartz which is in the blush family was one of the two colors selected in 2016. I think this is what really pushed the pastel movement forward and it hasn’t slowed down one bit. If you’re looking for a little color this year, blush might be the way to go.

Concrete Accents | Mostly associated with outdoor furniture and outdoor accents like planters, and pavers… concrete accents are becoming more popular indoors as well. You can find concrete accents in coffee tables, decor, and even flooring inside the home. I love my faux cactus and concrete planter from At Home, it’s the perfect little touch of this trend.

Brass Fixtures | Brass and Gold came back in with a huge bang a few years back and do not worry because it is here to stay. I don’t think brass metal fixtures are going anywhere so if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, you’ve still got time. Curtain rods, furniture and cabinet hardware are go-to’s but fixtures like lighting and faucets are a close second.

Velvet Furnishings | For a while, velvet was something of the 70’s in both fashion and home… and crushed velvet made a short comeback in 90’s fashion. Well say hello to the new and improved because velvet furnishings are back and better than ever. Don’t be afraid to buy that velvet sofa anymore, but if you are, you can always stick with a chair or an ottoman, or even some pillows because you can’t go wrong with something so soft and colorful.

xo, Emma

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