8 Ways To Refresh Your Home for Spring

Refresh your home for spring

Happy First Day of Spring! Today I’m sharing some tips and tricks for refreshing your home for spring. The warmer months are ahead of us and there’s nothing like taking some time to do a quick refresh around the home to bring in a new season.

ONE | Plants! Whether they’re fake or real, as long as you’re bringing some greenery into your place it’ll bring in the lively touch that’s needed to welcome in the warmer seasons. I love layering my fake plants around my place and I’m working on incorporating some real plants in as well.

TWO | Clean off your coffee table completely and start fresh.  A fresh perspective is a good way for a little refresh… try to go minimal.

THREE | Switch up your throw pillows. Pull in some pops of color or add a new texture or pattern to your regular mix of pillows. Mixing new pillows with you already have for a new look, or switching out pillow covers and keeping your existing inserts is a great and easy way to get in the mood for Spring. Blush pink is huge this season.

Photos by Studio AH

FOUR | Create a designated spot for mail. It’s easy to just drop your mail on the counter when you get home, we all do it. Find a new spot for mail and start the habit of keeping your counters mail-free.

FIVE | Speaking of counters… ever feel like they’re too cluttered with appliances or other kitchen items? Clean them! Clear those counters, wipe them down and add back only what you use daily. Add a tray near your cooktop to organize items like your cooking utensils, knife block, and butter dish and clean up the sink area by getting these for your soap and sponges.

SIX | Switch out your holiday, warm weather scented candles for clean, white candles. Going for all white candles keeps your home looking fresh and bright for spring… and you’d be surprised how many cute and nice smelling candles come in white.

SEVEN | Changing out your bedding could be a simple thing or a big overhaul, and its great because you get to choose. It’s also a great way to jump into spring with a nice new look. A good spring go-to is always an all white look or light grays, stick with neutrals and bring in pops of color with blankets or pillows. White bedding with banana leaf pillows maybe? Tip: Fold a plain white duvet at the foot of your bed for that in the store, plush look!

EIGHT | Add a wreath – who said wreaths were only for the winter holidays?! A cute spring boxwood wreath like this one is the perfect addition for spring. Best places to hang these would be the obvious location… on your front door, but you could also hang this over the window at your kitchen sink if you have one. Or even on the hood over your stove if you have a space for one.

How are you bringing Spring into your home this season?

xo, Emma

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