A Step By Step Guide On How To Stuff A Pillow

Today’s how-to guide might be a little unexpected compared to the others… who knew you needed to know how to stuff a pillow, right? Well, there’s actually a lot of points to having a technique rather than just shoving the insert into the cover and hoping for the best. Today I’m sharing my step by step guide for stuffing a pillow – without the frustration!

A few reasons why you should know how to properly stuff a pillow

  • To keep your pillow insert fluffy and not creased, folded, etc.
  • To line the pillow insert up with the seams in the cover for a nice looking pillow.
  • To not damage the integrity of the zipper… any kind of zipper can be damaged if you are very rough on it.


STEP 1 – Squeeze the left and right sides of the pillow with your arms and squish the pillow length-wise, grabbing the two top corners together in a point.

STEP 2 – Insert the point of the pillow into the cover as much as it can go while you’re still holding onto the point with one hand. With your other hand, grip the center of the zipper and pillow cover fabric (do not just grab onto the zipper) and gently pull towards your body to assist with starting to pull the cover over the insert.

STEP 3 – Slide both of your hands down to the bottom half of the pillow insert (the exposed half) and lightly squeeze the sides of the pillow again as you slide it more into the pillow cover.

STEP 4 – In between repeating step 3, you can grip the zipper an cover fabric again to assist with pulling the cover over the insert. These two steps will be repeated until the majority of the pillow is inside the cover.

Step 5 - How to stuff a pillow

STEP 5 – Once the majority of your pillow is in the cover, you can lift the entire pillow so the zipper opening is facing up towards you. Grasp the end corners of the cover and give the entire pillow and cover a light shake – the insert should settle a little more into place. Then grab the exposed corners of the insert and adjust them so they are just about in place. Don’t worry about tucking them inside the cover just yet.

STEP 6 + 7 – Reach all the way into the pillow and line the corners up with the inside corners of the pillow cover. This really helps create a full look and makes sure that your pillow is lined up with the seams properly and not crooked inside.

Step 8 - Stuffing a pillow

Step 8 – Lastly, tuck those exposed corners into their inside corners, line them up and zipper your new pillow up!

PRO TIP: Once I’ve zippered my insert successfully inside the cover, I always like to grab the corners again (now with the pillow cover and insert together) and give the pillow a good, solid shake from the bottom and finally the top to open up the down feathers and really ‘fluff’ the pillow.

Finish off your pillow with a good ole’ designer CHOP right in the top center of the pillow (perpendicular to the seam) and you’re good to go! And with Spring here and the warmer weather right around the corner hopefully don’t forget to check out my spring refresh post and what’s in the pillow shop for everything you need this Spring!

How to stuff a throw pillow like a pro!

Photos by The Studio AH

xo, Emma

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A step by step guide on how to stuff a throw pillow

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