My Plans for Organizing My Home Office + Sewing Area

Sharing a look into my plans for organizing my home office and sewing area.

Moving into the new apartment, my roommate and I downsized a little with our square footage. We were very lucky with our old apartment and how spacious it was… but it was almost too oversized. The rooms weren’t planned out well and there was a lot of open space – but barely any function with closets or storage spaces. When we moved, we knew that we were losing a good amount of square footage, but we were gaining a lot of function with spaces like a coat closet, linen closets in each bathroom and a walk in laundry room.

I’m so happy in our new place and I love how much more functional it is, but I also knew I had to come up with a better storage solution for my home office… and more importantly, my sewing studio. I have a lot of stuff. Speaking about sewing equiptment specifically, I have 3 sewing machines and tons of supplies. Machine parts, thread, scissors, rotary knifes for cutting fabric, cutting boards… all the good stuff. I purchased this storage desk knowing that it had a ton of function – It could hold 2 of my sewing machines in the closed space which would also hide them when I was not using them. I also needed to hide all of my supplies.

I’ve been sharing a few sneak peeks on my instastories about some of my organization plans, but while I’m finishing it all up I wanted to share some of my plans for the space. I’m really working on keeping the balance of a clean, styled look that fits the style of my bedroom along with organizing so everything has a spot and I can keep it all together and clean.


Sewing Desk Organization Details


Two items I know I really want to have in this space are both functional and styled. I love the all neutral look of these above and I know sticking with an all neutral color palette with a touch of metal or wood tones for accents is right up my alley.

ONE | A pin board for my fabrics and design inspiration like this one from The Everygirl.

TWO | Desk organizers like these fabric magazine files styled by Emily Everyday.

What do you think? Do you like the look of this desk for storage or are you more of a traditional desk person?

xo, Emma

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