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Take a look at this week’s get the look that you voted for on Instagram!


ONE – The main part when trying to achieve a very minimalistic look like this is is to make sure that your key furniture pieces have very simple lines and details to them. Notice how the console table is all straight lines, very basic in style and has open space underneath. Also notice that while the shape of the mirror is key, the minimalistic metal frame is also important. There are no intricate details on the furniture items.

TWO – The detail is in the subtle patterns and textures that are mixing throughout the smaller accent items. The lamp base is a simple white texture with a bold pattern shade. Keep in mind the shade is not bold in color/multicolor. There is a lot of movement going on with the ceramic pieces.. the small bowl and the ginger jar have a stamped look to them. Lastly, the large basket acts as a functional, catchall piece but the key here is the natural look and texture.

THREE – The last key part of this look is pretty simple. Greenery. The greenery here really pulls the whole look together and finishes it off. The key to remember when looking for greenery here (fake or real, up to you!) is the height… make sure it’s tall! Also try to find something that is on the lighter side. You want something that has a dainty, branch-like look to create this minimalistic/Scandinavian style. Eucalyptus would be perfect here.


Get the Look - Entryway Design Board

Original Photo by Bria Hammel Interiors

THE CONSOLE TABLE – I selected this console table for a few reasons. I love the lighter wood finish… this lighter, raw wood is very popular right now and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. I made sure to stick with straight, clean lines, but I love the bottom shelf in this one.

THE MIRROR – These round mirrors can be hard to come by. I’ve always loved this budget friendly one from Target, but it’s always out of stock its so popular. So I used this alternative in my visual above, and theres also this one that’s a little more of a splurge item. Decisions, decisions… Stick with round, and stick with a minimal metal (preferably gold) frame. And you want to make sure it is a good size too!

THE PATTERNS + TEXTURES – There are so many items that apply here and I touched a little on them above when I broke it all down. I love the movement in this painted ginger jar, and the natural textures in this basket. The lamp can also be tricky… don’t be afraid to mix and match. Stick with a simple white ceramic base, if theres some texture to it, great! And then add this boho lampshade.

THE GREENERYThis faux eucalyptus would be perfect to complete this look. You can also head down to your local trader joes and pick up some of the real stuff if you would like! I recommend something that is all green and branch like, so nothing that’s too full, if that makes sense! Keep it minimal!

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xo, Emma

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  1. Lindsay Whittington
    February 28, 2018 / 9:16 AM

    my favorite look so far!

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