Why I Love Etsy Printable Art for Any Home

Sharing a little detail on why I love Etsy printable art so much.

As soon as you walk into my apartment, you’ll notice that I have a lot of things hung up on the walls. I used to be an overhanger… in college, every wall had something on it. I’ve since toned it down and refined my walls, but we all know I love a good gallery wall.

The main item that you need for a gallery wall is framed artwork. I’m all about printable artwork, so mething that you can get in a digital file so you can determine the size you need, print it and frame it on your own so it fits perfectly with your home. Have you ever been shopping for some kind of wall art and you find the perfect artwork but the frame is terrible? Or it’s perfect except for the size? Etsy printables will change all of that dead end searching.

Why Etsy printables are the way to go Why Etsy printables are the way to go Etsy Instant Downloads Why Etsy printables are the way to go Why Etsy printables are the way to go

I’m sharing you a some of my favorite prints from a few different spots around my apartment today. My bathroom, on top of my desk where I sew and a peek at my ginormous gallery wall that will be coming to the blog soon, I promise! You can find printable art on Etsy in just about any color, shape or style you may need – Just keep an eye out for the instant download icon on the listing.

I gravitate towards text graphics/typography art and abstract art or abstract watercolors for my personal style, and one of my favorite shops is Dear Lily Mae. Nicole has been so great to work with over the past two years, her print selection is always growing and the fonts and styles are always current. And her custom prints would make great gifts too! Check out her shop and show her some Instagram love to stay up to date and see all the pretty spaces her work is in.

Happy art shopping and as always, shop small!

xo, Emma

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