Why I Buy My Coffee Table Books from Amazon

I love buying my coffee table books from Amazon – and you should too!

MY FAVORITE COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: C&C Home | C&C | The Year Of Cozy | Domino Green | Domino Pink | Styled by EH | Pretty Happy | Cravings | The New Bohemians

Who doesn’t love a good Amazon Prime purchase, right? Coffee table books are one of my favorite decorating staples in my living room right now. I’ve grown my collection over time and I love the pretty pastel colors of the ones that I’ve collected so far. When it comes to decor, I’m definitely more of an all neutral or muted color kind of person. My coffee table books have been a way for me to add pops of color around my apartment without having to stray away from my love for neutral everything.

Let’s get real for a second… I’m pretty sure I buy something from Amazon once a week. Whether it’s a household item I need, or supplies for my pillow shop – Amazon is my go-to. I decided a while back that I was going to add all of the coffee table books I wanted to a wish list on my account so I could keep adding to it as well as order from it every once in a while. About once a month, I would treat myself to a new coffee table book by adding it onto my order of other items. It’s a fun way to treat yourself without splurging!

Coffee Table Books - Amazon Favorite Coffee Table Books Coffee Table Books

In my last coffee table book post, I shared each of my favorite books and why I love them. I’ve decided to go back in and edit that post a little to make sure it stays up to date. Maybe these two posts combined will help you grow or start your collection too!

ALSO CHECK OUT MY WISH LIST: Pretty Happy | Surf Shack | Allegra Hicks

Coffee Table Books - Amazon

xo, Emma

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