Tips for Refreshing your Home for the New Year

Talking about tips and ways you can refresh your home for a fresh look in 2018.

I’m always looking for a few ways to refresh my personal life, work life and everything in between for a fresh start to the new year. Whether it’s a new agenda, or cleaning up my desktop at work, I think its a really nice way to start each new year. This year, I focused specifically on refreshing my home… and with the move it was really easy to find a number of ways to do so!

2018 Refresh Ideas

NEW AGENDA – Starting the year off with a new agenda is one of my favorite things! I love getting a new agenda and starting fresh with clean pages to keep me on track and organized throughout the year. I have tried a ton of agendas in the past, and I always keep coming back to the Day Designer (I’ve used both the daily and the weekly and love both equally!)

CLEAN UP BILLS AND FILES – Another good important item is to clean up bills and files, old mail and other items you might have piled up from the previous year. I love to keep my Etsy orders filed by year so I can keep track of sales, discounts, and giveaways each year moving forward with the shop. Shop the file holder here.

Ways to Refresh - Organize

ORGANIZE DRAWERS – If you’re anything like me you have a few drawers that need organizing.. I have a habit of letting my drawers turn into messy junk drawers. I’m making an effort to clean and organize my drawers to make sure that they stay organized and function better this year.

Ways to Refresh - Change Hardware

CHANGE THE HARDWARE – A while back I decided to change out all of the hardware on my dresser and nightstands. I’m so glad I did because it really refreshed the entire look of them! Crazy for being Ikea furniture, right?? If you’re looking for a new look on a budget, a great way to refresh your furniture (or even kitchen cabinets) this year would be to change out the hardware. Shop my gold hardware here.

Ways to Refresh - Organize

SWITCH UP YOUR BOOKS – Between my roommate and I, we have a ton of books in our apartment. In our last place they all had a place… a few places actually. And I loved being able to find new spots for them and creating different groupings with the bindings that match. You might have even seen this photo in yesterday’s instagram post.

Ways to Refresh - Organize

ORGANIZE ITEMS THAT YOU USE THE MOST – I love sunglasses. I’m no fashion blogger, I live in leggings  and t-shirts, but no matter what I’m wearing I’ve always got a pair or two of sunglasses with me. I love this gold and glass container that I’ve been using to display all of my sunglasses – finding cute bins or containers to display items that you use the most would be a cute way to get rid of the clutter this year.

Ways to Refresh - Nightstand

STYLE SMALL SPACES FROM SCRATCH – I love when I take the time to really re-style something and create a whole new feeling. This year, I’m starting from scratch with my nightstands. I use my nightstands all the time, every morning and every night and I think it’s a good part of my room to focus on switching up for a quick refresh.

Ways to Refresh - Clean

MAKE YOUR BED – Another part of my room that helps keep a clean state of mind is the bed. You know when your mom always told you growing up, always make your bed in the morning… I’m a big fan of the concept. It definitely helps get ready for the day I think!

How are you refreshing your home for the new year? Leave me a comment below to let me know if you’ve used any of these ideas!

xo, Emma

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