Online Shopping Tips for Furniture + Decor

Sharing a few of my tried and true tips when online shopping for furniture & decor.

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Mondays can be a little rough jumping back into the work week, so I figured today was the perfect day to share this post with you. Who doesn’t like to do a little online shopping, right? The world of online shopping for furniture and home decor has become pretty popular and stores with an online presence keep stepping up their game, but I can totally understand feeling a little hesitant to purchase something for your home online without seeing it. So today I have compiled a few of my tips to help you make sure you’re making the right buying decisions when shopping online.

Oh, and you might remember my master bedroom reveal from a while back. I buy a bunch of things online for my apartment in general… I actually bought my headboard online. You can take a look at it here.

Online Shopping TipsOnline Shopping Tips Online Shopping TipsTips for Online Shopping


READ REVIEWS – This is definitely my number one tip to anyone looking to buy just about anything online. The amount I rely on customer reviews when buying something online is unreal. Customer reviews are so helpful, you’re always going to get a few of those unhappy customers skewing the reviews, but nine times out of ten the reviews as a whole will help you make your decision.

CHECK FOR CUSTOMER PHOTOS – A handful of furniture and home decor websites allow customers to share their own photos of the products along with their reviews. I love this feature (and when customers take advantage of it) because you can really see what the product looks like in a real space. You can see it in real life lighting, not the staged and photoshopped photo that is listed online. I love using these to help make or break my decision to buy.

A few websites that have customer photos are Wayfair, West Elm, AllModern, Amazon

COMPARE SIMILAR ITEMS – If you’re stuck on an item that you know there’s a few different options out there on the web, take some time to pull up a few options that you like and really compare them. Comparing two or three similar items and reading through their reviews might help show the clear winner that you should put in your shopping cart.

THINK ON IT – This one is key. I’m a big fan of filling up my shopping cart and letting it sit there for a while.. even for days sometimes. Why though? For starters, it gives you the opportunity to “sleep on it” especially for items that might be higher ticket items. Another thing that only certain companies do is send you a reminder email that you have an item in your cart. Don’t delete those emails without reading them first because I know West Elm has included a 10% off coupon as a buying incentive in the past.

xo, Emma

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