How to Guide to Barstools

Sharing my how to guide to buying the right stools for your home.

How to Guide - Barstools

Happy Monday Friends! It’s been a long time since I posted another one of my how to guides… I had 12 planned out last year, one for each month and I definitely slipped up a little. Photographing each and every part of the home to get you the best guides was becoming very repetitive around my old apartment. So I decided to take  little break and use the new place to my advantage on the last half of these guides… and we’re starting off with barstools. Check out a little peek into the new place (and my new stools) while I chat about barstools, counter stools and all the good stuff that goes with buying them.

How to Guide - Barstools

Did you know that there were two different stool heights that you can shop from? In order to get the correct height stools, you’ll need to know which height your counters are to avoid purchasing the wrong height. And if you like the style, you can also find adjustable stool height options where you can change the height of the stool depending on preference.


BAR HEIGHT STOOLS – Bar height is the taller of the two. What qualifies them as bar height? The bar size sits at a 30″ seat height (having a back will make them taller, but seat height is always listed) and is taller than counter stools. Bar height countertops are noticeably taller than your kitchen counters where the countertop surface will be an elevated surface up from your counters, sink and appliances, etc.

COUNTER HEIGHT STOOLS – Counter height stools are the shorter of the two. Counter height stools fall within 24″ – 26″ seat height. What qualifies them as counter height? If your countertops are the same level as your sink and other appliances, then you know that you will need counter height stools.

My stools are counter height because my kitchen island is all one level. The kitchen counter where my sink is flows nicely out to where my bar area is and it’s all one slab of granite, leaving it at counter height. I chose these backless stools so they can slide easily underneath the bar without taking up any extra space.

Barstool Guide- Details Barstools How to Guide Home


This one is easier to tell the difference between, obviously you can tell when a stool has a back to it or not. My stools for instance, are backless. This is simply a personal preference. I like to think about a few things when shopping for stools and trying to decide whether to go with back or backless stools.

FUNCTION – What’s the function going to be like… how often will these get used, will you be sitting there for a long period of time? If so, maybe you would prefer a stool with a back for added comfort.

SPACE – What is the space like around your stools… is it a large space with tons of room to move around, is it in a main walking path, or does the area flow into another living space? Things like space and sight lines are key when looking for stools especially in apartment living. My counter flows into my living room and it’s a main walk path in the apartment so I went for backless to keep the space open and looking clean.

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xo, Emma

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