Get the Bedroom Look You Voted for On Instagram!

Sharing a breakdown of the look you voted for on Instagram this week… and how to get it!

If you’ve been following on instagram this week, you might have voted for which bedroom nightstand you wanted to see me breakdown here on the blog this week. Option #1 won with 74% so obviously you guys really wanted to see this setup and how it can be broken down to achieve the look.


ONE – There’s a scattered grouping of items on the top of the nightstand. All varying heights, a tall vase with greenery, a short candle with matches, and a book laid flat with a bowl on top. The light is a wall sconce, but we’ll get to that later… for now, just notice the height of it and how it’s above the greenery. Overall, the top of the nightstand looks layered.

WHY IT WORKS: Varying heights.

TWO –  The small cluster of items inside the open cubby of the nightstand. If  you’re looking for a nightstand, make a mental note that the metal frame and hardware on the nightstand match the metal bed frame. It’s not a set, but they compliment each other. As for the cluster of items inside the shelf, it’s simple… a small stack of books (black and white for the win) with two items, one smaller one larger that have a cohesive look. Keeping this all tightly together draws your eye around the nightstand creating almost a triangle shape.

WHY IT WORKS: Tight cluster of items, minimal color to not take away from the top.

THREE – Layered bedding is key here. This neutral bedding is really pretty but what goes into it? It looks like white sheets, a neutral coverlet, a white duvet folded at the foot of the bed with silk trim, and the black and white striped blank et with tassels folded on top of the duvet. That’s a lot of layers but the details mix and match perfectly without clashing. Stripes, a waffle texture and a silk trim.

WHY IT WORKS: Muted neutrals layered with no overbearing patterns or textures.


Get the Look - Board

Original image by Studio McGee

THE LAMP – Switching up the light to a table lamp is the most practical for a rental as most of my readers have. I love this double light lamp, it keeps the gold finish and has a classic style to it with the adjustable lights.

THE VASE – For this look, make sure to get a colored glass vase in a dark color black, gray or green. I love this black one and it’s only $30.

THE PILLOWS – The bedding you choose is all personal preference and as long as its white or neutral, it’ll most likely work here. You all know that I LOVE pillows and even though these aren’t mine, I’m loving the idea of mixing this neutral pattern with these pretty eyelashes for a feminine twist.


What do you think? Do you like this post and how it describes everything? Let me know in the comments so I’ll know if I should do more of these!

xo, Emma

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