My Favorite Products of 2017

Sharing some of my favorite products of 2017.

2017 was a good year for design and decor. I had the opportunity to add a variety of items to my home and others, along with making some recommendations for friends and family. I have gathered a list of items that I came across this year, and I narrowed it down to the ones that I favored most. These items are my tried and true from 2017 and I would recommend these to anyone.

  1. I put these chairs in a clients home (on their patio) this summer and they are some of my favorites. This modern rope style has been made by a few different brands, but these are a great price and still in stock.
  2. This coffee table is definitely an investment piece, but it’s one of the most functional pieces that I have added to my home this year. I love both the finish and the pop up top with storage function. Tip: add this to your cart and wait for a coupon email or a sale.. never buy this thing on full price!
  3. I bought this rug for my pop up shop and I received so many questions about it. Of course, with such a response, I had to add it to my list of favorites. I love the neutral color and design, I wish I had a more permanent spot for this in the new place.
  4. Another item that has been asked about a lot – especially recently is this blanket ladder. I was a little hesitant to buy this thing at first, but now I can’t believe I almost didn’t get it. I’m a huge blanket person and this thing is the perfect way to organize my blankets in a cute way.
  5. I love this Home Sweet Home doormat. it’s simple but has style you can’t go wrong for under $20.
  6. These measuring cups were in my Hearth and Hand review and even after using them for a few months, I have no complaints!
  7. I mentioned in my Hearth and Hand review that I wanted to get the measuring spoons as well but they always seemed to be out of stock. Well, I was browsing my local store and managed to pick up a set and I’m so glad I grabbed them.
  8. This blanket is nothing short of amazing. It is definitely another splurge item but I talked about it in this post and it would be a great gift to go in on for mom.
  9. These wine glasses… I could go on about them for hours! These are at a tie with my Olivia Pope glasses and I have no shame saying that I have a set of both.
  10. If I could just put cutting boards down here in general, I would. Cheeseboards have become so popular that any kind of wooden or marble cutting board flies off the shelves. This one from the Hearth and Hand collection was one of my favorites this year.
  11. I couldn’t have this list without putting one of my many faux plants on it. This plant was an impulse buy this year and anywhere I move it, it always looks great!

What was your favorite home decor or furniture buy of 2017?

xo, Emma

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