Apartment Update + Some BTS Photos from my iPhone

Sharing a little real life update (from the lens of my iPhone) on the new apartment.

Apartment Update - New Pillows

If you can already notice, this is going to be a pretty raw post.. behind the scenes, and just about as real as it gets. I really want to share an apartment update with y’all and everytime I go to take “progress pictures” I’m not happy with them.. I think its because they look a little too perfect, from behind my camera I’m always trying to stage things but with the place not being complete it just never looks right. So I thought to myself, I’ve been taking progress photos along the way, why not just share them here even if they’re not perfect? After all, life isn’t perfect right? So here’s a little living room update!


Im so beyond happy with the new sofa! I knew the style I wanted – I was very specific in what I was looking for which should probably be a whole other post on its own to be honest. I love the color, the fabric is soft, and even though its very large, it’s still the perfect size. I’m still trying to get the back cushions to settle the way they need to… new couches take so much time to break in!


Apartment Update - Bookshelf

We downsized and minimized all of our space so I actually got rid of a ton of my old trinkets and decor items when we moved… my roommate was so proud of me. I’ve been so preoccupied with getting everything in it’s place and making sure everything works around the apartment that I’m just now starting to think of what new I might need, or what really doesn’t work. So nothing new, just moving things around.


Apartment Update - Gallery Wall

Of course I’m going to have a gallery wall in the new place – we all know how much I love them! This one was stressful though and it’s still not done. I do have almost all of the frames up, I had to get some new ones and I’m in the process of moving a few around to make sure everything works but I’m excited to see the finished product and share it with y’all!


I’m sure everyone is so eager to hear about what pillows I’m going to be using in my new apartment. And running an etsy shop definitely has it’s perks in this department! I’ve been playing around with sizes, number of pillows and all the patterns to see what I like, and I’m obsessed with the black mud cloth pillows on this light gray. I just need to commit to a decision and make it happen. Which pillows are your favorite?

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xo, Emma

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  1. 1.24.18

    It’s looking great!!

    Xx Taylor