Juju Hats Are Trending & You Should Know About Them

I’ve been wanting to post about Juju hats for a while now and I’ve been a little hesitant. Simply because I still feel like these are somewhat uncommon right now and a lot of people don’t even know what the heck a juju hat is. But – that’s what this blog is all about sometimes right? Sharing new trends and teaching you about things in the design world. Well, I’ve been obsessed with juju hats for a while now so here it goes!

When I first started noticing juju hats in designs, I knew I loved them (and wanted one… or five) but I had no clue what they were or where to find them. I was confused as to why I haven’t seen these things on the target shelves or at west elm. I started to question what these were and did some research. Which is where my fascination for them grew into an small obsession.

I’m going to start off by saying that juju hats are VERY expensive. Part of the reason why I think they aren’t a common decor find right now is the price. They range from $100-$500 or more depending on size and color sometimes. Yikes, right? It’s with good reason… Juju hats are an authentic African feather headdress that is commonly used today as wall decor. Traditionally, Juju hats were worn by royalty as a symbol of prosperity and handmade out of natural feathers that were hand dyed.

Today, Juju hats are still made by generations of tribal artisans in Africa. Using wild feathers and a similar hand dying process, I’m sure you can imagine why the price point of these are what they are. I’m working on a DIY for the blog and if all goes well, I’ll feature that soon. However – today I’m sharing a little bit more of their background and why you should know what these are.. and maybe you’ll hop on board with loving them too!


Trending Decor - African JuJu Hats


Trending Decor - African JuJu Hats


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xo, Emma

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  1. Ive been wondering more about the history of these as they seem to slowly but surely popping up eVerywhere. I like how they can be styled so differently and the one with pink tips is really cool. My favorite though is the groupIng!

    Xo always love your posts
    – Rianna Lane

    Posted 11.9.17 Reply