Tips for Prepping Your Bar Cart for The Holidays

Five easy tips to getting a holiday ready bar cart this year.

Happy Friday guys! Y’all really loved my fall bar cart post I posted a few weeks back! I wanted to pop in again on the bar cart trend and share a few tips for prepping your bar for the holidays. Entertaining is a big part of the holidays and when my family is around, there’s always a few fun cocktails involved. I’ll be hosting my parents in my new apartment this Christmas so I’ll be taking a these tips to heart when I get settled and can finally decorate for Christmas!


Start from Scratch – Clean it off completely. Take everything off of your bar cart so you can have a clean slate to build on.

Choose Wisely – Only stage items that you’ll find useful for holiday entertaining. Pick liquors and mixers that are in your favorite holiday drinks for easy access. All the other items can go into a cabinet or in the pantry until the holidays are over. You won’t miss that raspberry vodka, but you might use the Baileys a few times for a nightcap with friends.

Entertaining Essentials – Typically around the holidays you’ll find that you’re making more cocktails or opening nicer beers for toasting with friends and family. Make sure that you have the proper tools and keep them in a good spot – I keep mine on the top shelf of my cart!

Seasonal Garnish – I like to keep a bowl of lemons or limes on my bar cart, but they always tend to lean more spring/summer than winter. While you’ll still most likely use limes during the holidays, select a more seasonal garnish to display like cranberries or a winter floral arrangement.

Decorations – Decorations are always a high priority around the holidays… so if you’re going to decorate your tree and your house, then why not decorate your bar cart as well? Don’t be afraid to add some garland or switch out the art in the frame hung above your cart with a cute holiday print. I highly recommend checking out the holiday banners my friend Lindsay has in her shop too, they’re always so cute!

Favorite Etsy Shops: Little Bit of Whitt | Dear Lily Mae

Fall Bar Cart - Boxwood Wreath

Photos by Studio AH | @thestudioAH

What do you think? Are these tips helpful as we’re getting closer to the holidays? I’d love to know in the comments below!

xo, Emma

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