The Perfect Christmas Tree for Apartment Living… And It’s Only $30

The best $30 spent on decorations this Christmas will be this on this tree. You won’t regret it!

Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s tradition for a lot of people to put your tree up after Thanksgiving, and for some it’s finally acceptable to break out the holiday decorations. I know I posted my tree last year, but I never really talked about the actual tree. Now that I’ve purchased the same tree for the second year in a row (one stays with my parents in Florida, I’m not a crazy tree lady) I feel like I can finally truly vouch for this amazing tree. It is the perfect tree for apartment living!

Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Fake Christmas trees are crazy expensive.. I don’t even want to get into how outrageous they can be. This tree is the perfect size, shape, color, quality and everything else for a whopping $30. Walmart for the win. It does go fast, and they seem to change the coding in-store (last year it was a T2) this year it’s a T20 if you’re going to try and pick one up. I actually shipped mine to me and I came in 3 days.

The tree is 6′ tall and I’d say moderately full with it’s branches… keeping the price point in mind. But the real winner about this tree is the flocking. That white “snowy” look is called flocking. This one is amazing. it’s really full and the white material that has been sprayed on the tree is thick enough to have a nice look and feel. Definitely NOT like someone took a can of spray paint to it! Have I convinced you yet? I can’t get enough of this tree and no, this is not sponsored. Just a little PSA for my readers looking for some good (and affordable) Christmas recommendations.

Flocked Christmas Tree - Detail Flocked Christmas Tree - Detail

Happy Decorating!

xo, Emma

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