Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Collection Review

An in depth review of my favorite home items from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target.

Hi guys! I’ve been prepping for this post for a while now and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! As you my know by now, Joanna Gaines has a home decor line with Target called Hearth and Hand. It was filled with tons of holiday items – wreaths, stockings, table linens, and those adorable tiny ceramic and wood houses. I saw so many bloggers posting about the holiday decor they got and rightfully so, because it’s the holiday season. Personally, I was hoping to see a little more of her practical, year round, “I can really use this” items. So that’s just what I did.

When buying items that are more of a splurge for me, not necessarily value but in the sense that I really didn’t need any of this stuff (truth) I always like to get things that are practical. Things that I will actually get some use out of. And with my move being right around the holidays, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of holiday decorating was actually going to go on this year… we didn’t really plan that one well, did we? So anyways – here’s my review of the items I got from the Hearth and Hand collection with Target. My practical, functional, review.

Hearth & Hand - Kitchen Items


Let’s start with the specific kitchen items I got. The measuring cups are probably the most practical here. The ones I currently have, look like multicolored building blocks for a 5 year old.. I also want the measuring spoons but I haven’t gotten around to ordering them just yet.

Hearth & Hand - Kitchen Items

MEASURING CUPS – Great quality. I love the matte black – they hold well in your hand and have a good weight to them that I feel like they’ll last a while. I particularly like that the measurement is engraved into the handle and not printed on… those tend to rub off after a few washes and you have no idea what size each one is.

BLACK SILVERWARE – Alright, complete honesty here… I totally got these thinking, “I don’t need them, but they’re so pretty!” My roommate actually rolled her eyes when I told her that I bought ONE PLACE SETTING OF SILVERWARE. For future blog photos, naturally. I love the look of these, however, I have a big issue when my fingerprints get stuck so easily all over the silverware before I even got to really use them. I had to keep cleaning them just in order to take these photos. So, the only con is even though the matte finish is super pretty, it’s easily smudged. Other than that; quality, feel and weight is good.

CUTTING BOARDS – I loved the look of these. I’ve been super into the raw, natural woods lately and of course I had to get both sizes to see how they compare. These are almost too nice, that I don’t want to actually cut on them.. I would use them more as a display when entertaining or hosting a dinner party. I love the live edge detail on the one side, and the leather handle – which is definitely a branding thing so I can’t fault her on that but I wonder how practical the leather handle is when you’re washing these. (Small size/ Large size)

Hearth & Hand - Joanna Gaines for Target Collection Hearth & Hand - Joanna Gaines for Target Collection


Who doesn’t love a good candle? These are so pretty, I got two so I could gift one and turns out I’m having the hardest time deciding on which one to give away. Both of the candles I chose smell so good – Cardamom & Vetiver has a subtle smell, not too fragrant and in your face but a very mature smell and Balsam & Spice smells like straight up Christmas, it is a lot stronger than the other one but I think that’s alright since it’s definitely more Holiday-esq.

Hearth & Hand - Joanna Gaines Candles


The only decor item I got was this adorable raw wood tray. I pat myself on the back for only getting one thing in this category and not going out of control… I think it has to do with the move, I really want to wait until we’re moved since I’m changing my style up with the new apartment. This tray jumped out at me immediately and I knew I had to have it. The quality of the wood is great I love the thickness to the wood overall, I feel like it’s a pretty solid piece for the money. It’s a pretty big size considering it’s a decorative tray, and it’s longer than you would probably normally know how to style so I staged a few things to show how I might style it in the new apartment. I would put this on a sofa table, entryway table or even on an island for a little accent.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the items that I got from the collection. I think it definitely fits my style and all the black and raw wood items really hit the nail on the head with what I’m going for in the new apartment. I liked the holiday items as well, I liked seeing black and green mixed together – it’s very current and on trend. I would have liked to see a few more practical kitchen items or decor items in the collection. I feel like we see so much decor and kitchen on Fixer Upper and a lot of people want her style but don’t quite know how to bring it into their home. A lot of the items in this collection were knick-knack items and I guess I wanted more household staples. What did you think of the collection? Did you get anything?

The big question is…. What will Joanna do next??

xo, Emma

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  1. Carol Wofford
    April 3, 2021 / 3:46 PM

    I love these items. I want all of them.

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