Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For Him

The ultimate gift guide for all of the guys on your shopping list this year.

Today’s gift guide for the guys is no joke. It’s double the size of my first gift guide for the hostess and it has literally everything you could possibly need for the men in your life this holiday season. Boyfriend, brother, husband, dad, uncle, grandpa too – you name it, I bet I’ve researched it.

I love this year’s gift guide for him (and for her coming soon) I’ve broken it up into three main sections; for the tech nerd, for the traveler (including home and grooming items) and for the grill master. On top of it all, I’ve asked my friends, friends boyfriends, even spilled my dad’s gift ideas to him for some insight and you can’t go wrong with my “tried and true” Defined Designs Holiday Favorites.


Sonos One | Mini Diffuser | Homemade Gin Kit

Gift Guide 2017 - for Him


SONOS ONE – First thing’s first, this is the one item that I’ve already spilled the beans on to my dad. I had to – it’s such a big purchase and I needed some blog opinions so I could share this with you guys. Sonos speakers are amazing as they are, but they’ve built in Amazon Alexa into this one and I may or may not have gotten one for myself too.

WIRELESS HEADPHONES – Also good for the traveler, when you need to charge your phone and listen at the same time and you just can’t because of the whole no headphone jack thing… it’s a problem. These are the solution.

MARSHALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – If you don’t think your guy needs the Alexa feature, or if they’re a BIG music buff.. this Marshall Speaker that looks like an amp is awesome.

KEYBOARD WAFFLE IRON – I couldn’t not include this waffle iron. I mean, look at it! Perfect for the tech guy who also loves breakfast.

LASER GUN ALARM CLOCK – Okay I might need this one for myself. This one might be for anyone who isn’t a morning person, and also for the gamer guys because this is downright cool.

DRUMSTICK PENS – Another music buff item here. These drumstick pens are the perfect stocking stuffer!

FOR THE TRAVELER (with home & grooming items)

CARRY ON COCKTAIL KIT – Another item you can’t go wrong with gifting to anyone really. Meant for traveling, this one is perfect for the guy who travels maybe too much and likes to unwind on late night flights.

WEEKENDER – Yes, this is technically a female weekender duffle, but this bag is so gender neutral and the perfect size for anyone. I love this bag and the details into the zippers and handles. My dad has been traveling for work a lot lately and I think ANY of these Everlane bags would be perfect for any trip.

BEARD ENVY KIT – A good travel size kit with both of these products being 3oz. and a brush for the traveling beard.

HERBIVORE BEARD TONIC – I’ve heard SO many good things about this brand. Cruelty free vegan, and all the good natural stuff. Get it now, because it’s on backorder until 12/15!

CRUX BEARD OIL – Another natural ingredient beard oil for those guys with beards. This one is another good smelling, natural option to the one on backorder above.

MINI DIFFUSER – Aromatherapy diffusers aren’t just for the girls. This mini diffuser would be perfect for your guy’s desk at work, or even just their nightstand at home.

BARBER CANDLE – Another item that isn’t just for the girls… candles. I love this candle and how it looks straight out of a barber shop.

RAZOR SHARPENER – Possibly a good travel item, also a good stocking stuffer. Who doesn’t want to use a clean razor in between every shave, but like… money. Razors are expensive, try this thing out!

GROOMING ESSENTIALS KIT – This grooming kit covers hair, skin and the armpits for those guys who either love products or don’t, who doesn’t like to try new things?


HOMEMADE GIN KIT – I had my eye on this kit this holiday season a few months back, and when I heard from a friend that she got it for her boyfriend last year and it was a blast to make I knew it needed to make the list. And because I got an actual review that was A+ of course it made the favorites list.

POCKET UTENSIL KIT – Grill master, boy scout – same thing. This pocket utensil kit is a fun stocking stuffer.

LINEN APRON – Every good grill master needs an apron… I also like this one and this one.

STUFFED HAMBURGER PRESS – I don’t think this one really needs an explanation other than this will totally be a hit come summertime.

HIMALAYAN SALT BBQ PLANK – Last year I shared these himalayan salt shot glasses and they were a hit. This year, gift this bbq plank to the grill master in your life and let him grill with a twist. And they’re interesting to read about all the cool things they do!

BBQ KIT COOLER – The ultimate, all-in-one BBQ Cooler. This is perfect for tailgating, camping, anything outdoorsy.

SIX PACK COOLER – Don’t let that 6 pack get warm! I think those craft beer lovers would love this for tailgates!

WHISKEY STONES – If you’ve got a whiskey aficionado in the family, these are your ticket. I’m sure you’ve heard of whiskey stones before and this year is your year to gift them.

BURGER SEASONING SET – I love this little gift set with burger seasoning and a burger press. This is the perfect gift!

Don’t forget to check out my Hostess Gift Guide too!

xo, Emma

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