5 Design Tricks to Get the Joanna Gaines Look

Helping you get Chip & Jo’s signature look in your home with five key decor details.

The “Joanna Gaines” look has been a popular trend for a while now. Chip and Jo have done such an amazing job building their empire into all that it is today, starting with their show on HGTV to their newest line collaboration with Target and everything in between. It’s very admirable all that they have worked hard for.

While her new line at Target is available for everyone to see and buy right now, I still think a lot of people LOVE the Fixer Upper look but can’t visualize it in their home or know how to achieve the look themselves. I’ve broken down the common decor finishes and tricks that I’ve noticed in Joanna’s  signature farmhouse-modern style and I’m sharing the top five design elements with you today!


BLACK AND WHITE CERAMICS | If you’re decorating with ceramics, choose black and white. Typically a matte finish, nothing glossy. If it has a worn look or texture, even better! Joanna always leans towards objects that have a ‘found’ feel, like she found the hidden gem at the estate sale and magically made it look brand new (and cool).

WOOD AND METAL DECOR & ACCENT FURNITURE | Mixing wood and metals is key here. Joanna always loves to mix the looks and style of old classic furniture with bright whites to create her farmhouse look. A lot of the metal decor items she leans towards seem to be a galvanized metal, think galvanized farm pails or dark black/oil rubbed bronze finish.

OLD BOOKS | Old books don’t always have to be old. If you follow Joanna on social media or have seen any behind the scenes videos of one of her Fixer Upper reveals, she has tons of books on hand. It’s impossible to have that available to you when you live in an apartment or are on a budget. The trick to get the same look is to flip the books around so the bindings are hidden and all you see are the pages. Pair books with similar page colors, some might be more yellow or more white. And you’ve got the neutral, old book look with the items you have lying around!

Client Reveal - bookshelf details

LOTS OF GREENERY | Greenery is key in any home if you ask me. It might be more of the ‘finishing touch aspect’ but I think it definitely is a must. Real of fake, your choice. Eucalyptus branches in a tall vase (matte white or galvanized)  is definitely the go-to however, I’m still working on the whole eucalyptus trend. I love it, but I need to do some more research before I start blasting the blog with it.

Client Reveal - bookshelf detailsWHITE AND NEUTRAL CANVAS LINENS | I tend to see this the most in two places. The kitchen linens and canvas lined baskets. What I love about these design elements most is that not every aspect of your home needs to follow these to have the fixer upper look. While the Joanna Gaines style is coined as farmhouse, its very eclectic and mixed together. These are the items that bring it all together to look collected and planned.

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What do you think? Are you a fan of the Joanna Gaines look? Have you noticed these design elements in her style? I’d love to hear your take on this in the comments below! Did you buy anything from her collection with Target yet? I’ll be sharing a review on what I got soon!

xo, Emma

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