Behind the Scenes: Pillow Packaging

I’m so excited to share with you part two to my Behind The Scenes posts for the pillow shop. Everyone I know has such a huge support with my new pillow shop and I want to share a little peek into what goes into running my little side hustle.

If you missed the first post, check it out here – It’s all about making the pillows and behind the scenes of me sewing everything. That’s right, I sew everything you see in the shop! It’s so fun and relaxing you’d be surprised haha. So today is all about packaging. I’m a HUGE branding nerd. I get giddy when companies I purchase from have good branding, so I knew when I started the shop that I wanted to have some kick ass branding. Something cool that would stand out and instantly make you happy when you opened a package. And you’ll never forget us when you open your package because I may or may not have gone a little overboard.

Everything you’ll see when you open a Defined Designs Shop package:

  • Each pillow comes with a tag – on the back of the tag it has my favorite little pillow tagline “pillows are like potato chips… you can’t just have one”
  • Wrapped in a plastic bag for safety – in case your package gets stuck in the rain.. I thought about everything to get your pillows to you in one safely.
  • Blue tissue paper – because no present is complete without tissue paper.
  • Logo sticker – the tissue paper is sealed with a Defined Designs logo sticker… you won’t forget who you bought from thats for sure.
  • Thank You card – complete with a discount code, because everyone loves a discount and you can’t have too many pillows (see pillow tag) and on the back is a little note about our signature zippers.
  • Personalized post card – first of all… I’m a huge lover of snail mail. I knew I wanted to have a little note card or something to share a personalized thank you for all of my orders and when I came across the idea of a post card I loved it! The front is sassy, when you open up your package you’re immediately greeted with the card saying ‘Damn. You have great taste.” …because you do! On the back will be a personalized note from yours truly!
  • Logo sticker – Lastly, there’s another logo sticker on the outside of the box next to the shipping label. You’ll have no doubt whats coming in the mail when you see that Defined Designs sticker on your front steps! and the mail lady might be curious enough to look me up one day.. everyone loves pillows (see pillow tag again).

BTS Pillow Shop - Packaging Preview

BTS Pillow Shop - Packaging Preview BTS Pillow Shop - Packaging Preview BTS Pillow Shop - Packaging Preview

Photos By Studio AH | @thestudioah

Don’t forget to follow the pillow shop on instagram if you haven’t already! I’ve been posting some pretty cool things and videos on instastories so you can see and vote on the fabrics!

xx, Emma

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